I met her at a leadership training organized by the Fabulous Woman Network. It was day two of the training and we sat at the same table. Sharing ideas, connecting, networking and getting to know each other which has led to this interview today. I worried her to take pictures of me after which I purchased the Ewuraba Hair and Scalp Cream. I love, love, love the product, from texture, to smell to results and I would most definitely recommend it for every naturalista. Ewuraba took her precious time to grant us a detailed interview and I really do not want to cut it short. As such, for the first time ever, the interview is going to be in two parts. ladies, Abena Akrasi, CEO. EWURABA VENTURES.


PW:Hello Abena, thank you for your time. Kindly tell us about yourself.

ABENA: Hey, thank you for having me here. I am Nana Abena Akrasi, the founder of Ewuraba Natural Ventures. I was born on the 9th of October, 1984 and I come from Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region. I however live in Kumasi currently. I am the only girl among four boys. I love business and I have been into petty trading ranging from toffees and chips I prepared myself to cassava, salt, water, etc. from the age of Six (6). When I was growing up, I always told myself I will establish my own business but didn’t know which field in particular I will venture into.

I am interested in food and nutrition, fashion, music, sports and social work. In terms of music, I love cool gospel and country too. I love to smile and can share some dry jokes. I love to read and try my best to complete a book every month which is a bit challenging now.

I am a professional Marketer with a Chartered Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (CIM), MBA in Project Management, a Diploma in Hotel Management and Certificate in Fashion Design. Before setting up my current business; I was the Northern Sector Coordinator for Micro-credit Association of Ghana. I worked in the Media as a Producer /Sales executive with ETV and also a Producer for my own TV program dubbed “EWURABA”. I have worked with EPP Books Services as a Marketing Executive for Two years and been involved in the cause of young women empowerment in Ghana since the age of 21 by setting up the Young Women Empowerment Initiative (YWEI). I believe I have been called to serve young women and that has been my focal niche.


PW: OH wow……. I am humbled by all you’ve achieved. Kindly share with us how growing up was like for you.


NANA ABENA: My growing up was full of adventure because I stayed with different families from one region to the other until I finally settled with my mum at the age of six (6). I started school in Kumasi, moved to Drobo (Jaman South) to be with my mum. After a year of education there, my younger brother and I were moved to Sunyani to stay with a family friend and schooled there. After some few years, the family had to move to Tamale due to the transfer of my father. My father was again transferred to Accra after almost four (4) years stay in Tamale but my brother and I joined my mother who was then in Techiman. I moved to Accra after completing my JHS and had my Secondary education in the Eastern region. I needed to be strong when growing up because I was raised by a single mother and also the only girl among four boys. Growing up has been an amazing journey which has given me the insight as to how to treat and love others, be courageous, be honest , be perseverant , courageous, humble and live a selfless life.

PW: What gets you going in life?


PW: Why Entrepreneurship?

NANA ABENA: Entrepreneurship because my personality conforms to it. I love to explore, develop/innovate and research as well. I want an independent, happy career life and also get the chance of doing what I can do best and pursue my God given purpose on earth.

PW: What sacrifices have you had to make to accomplish your entrepreneurial feat?

NANA ABENA: I wouldn’t say I am an accomplished entrepreneur yet as I have more miles to go in reaching where I need to be. Some of the sacrifices I needed to make was to limit my spending in order to save to support the initiative, resigning from my Job post as the Northern sector Coordinator of Micro-credit Association of Ghana and working at odd times.

PW: How would you define success?

NANA ABENA:I define success as being able to know and understand the source of your ‘BEING’, being able to identify your ‘WHY’ of ‘BEING’ ( purpose) and ‘LIVING’ your ‘BEING’ to impact positively the lives of others and yourself in glorifying the source of your ‘BEING’.

To me, the definition of success is not about acquisition of worldly /material stuffs, riches or fame, true success is when you live for others but still find inner fulfillment, joy and peace. It is when you use your gifts and talents and available resources to enhance the lives of others. It is when others can smile because of you; it is when others can live fulfilled and boldly because you set an example for them. It is when your life becomes a testimony for others to courageously face their fears. It is when your character becomes a mirror for others to look into to radically transform their character into a better one and draws them to God.

PW: Can you tell us about your products?


  • My Products: My brand name is “EWURABA” meaning ‘LADY’. I used the same name “EWURABA” for a TV program my NGO initiated in 2006 which was funded by the African Women Development Fund.

           “Ewuraba” range of products include:

  • Ewuraba sheabutter cosmestics:
  • Ewuraba Sheabutter hair/scalp cream
  • Ewuraba Sheabutter Body/hand cream
  • Ewuraba Natural Foods:
  • Ewuraba natural complete season
  • Ewuraba natural ginger powder
  • Ewuraba natural dawadawa powder

PW: Great products. My personal favourite is the hair cream. Smells great!

PW: Are Christian women finding it challenging to identify themselves and living their purpose?

NANA ABENA: We find ourselves when we discover our purpose. The challenge the Christian women face today is using the standard of the world as a yardstick in finding our identity. Some of us are lost; we have lost ourselves, our identity and purpose. Some of us are just living but not ‘LIVING’. We have missed our place of being the leader in salting and lighting our world. Others have taken our first place and influencing the world wrongly and even influencing us. Others too know their reason for existing and using that to impact their world, making disciples for God.

PW: If you were a book, what would be your title, and if you were a colour, what would you be?

NANA ABENA: If I were a book, the title would be PERSISTANCE PAYS. I have faced lots of challenges in life and it is my persistence in life and the grace of God that has helped me through it all. The ‘Never giving up’ spirit has rather helped me to use these challenges to stay up high in the stormy low valley. It has strengthened me spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Colour: I want to be black because black is beautiful, classic and professional. It doesn’t like much attention and likes behind the scenes. Its nature is such that, it matches with any colour.

NANA ABENA: A note to my 10 year self:

Dear Nana Abena Akrasi,

At this moment you seem to be confused and think you have wasted your time by deferring your course to pursue your dreams. At this moment, you have successfully completed two major projects that were dear to you through your unplanned established NGO. The first one being a women TV program of which 60 documentaries were produced on challenging issues facing young women in Africa. The second project was a ‘ Young Single mother and the Soya project’ where over 50 young mothers were trained in various skills in soya beans processing. You worked hard to attract a $43,000 grant from the African Women Development Fund. You were the youngest and highest beneficiary then. To you, it was a miracle so you decided to sacrifice everything including holding on with your schooling at the University for the Success of the projects which you did. Many people admired you for the achievements but to you, you had done nothing. You never took the time to appreciate yourself and works. You rather focused so much on your weaknesses and mistakes you committed. You wanted to be ‘PERFECT’. When you decided to lay the projects aside to go back to school, you were awarded the ‘Best student Project’ by NUGS. You dwelled so much on the negatives which made you often unhappy. This is a note to you dear one to let you know that you are a great woman, a young woman of vision and very strong. Just relax, be calm at heart and be happy in the Lord. This note is to tell you that, you need not to be %100 in order to impact positively and create a change in people’s lives. God mostly uses the feeble, the young, the poor for greater works; Esther, Ruth, Rahab, Moses, David, just to name a few.Your older self.

Always be thankful because you are gifted and blessed. There is so much within you that you haven’t tapped into yet. Just take life one step at a time and enjoy whatever life serves you at the table, celebrate each day as it is a gift from God, focus on your dreams, work harder, never give up, believe in yourself and stop comparing yourself with other young women as God has a different purpose for your life. I LOVE YOU!

Yours truly

Your older self

10 years earlier.


That’s how we draw down the curtains on today’s interview. I know this has been worth the long read.

love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman









I met her about three years ago while I was interning at a law firm here in Accra.  She had just finished her WASSCE and was awaiting results. I wondered why she chose to be a legal intern at that point in time. It therefore came as no surprise that she was gainfully admitted into the country’s premier law faculty, University of Ghana Faculty of Law.  She blessed us soo much at the Phenomenal Woman Network launch with her new single #free and # when I found you.  Ladies and well gentlemen,  ABII KEREN….

PWN: Hello Abii,  Pleased to have you here. Well after the launch, people kept asking me who you were so I suppose it is only fair to ask you to tell us about yourself.

ABII KEREN: Thank you once again for having me. I’m 20 years old in body. I grew up in the North East Of England in a town called Billingham. I schooled there for 14years until we moved to Ghana where I continued High School in Wesley Girls’ then went on to study law in the University of Ghana, Legon currently in the fourth and final year .  It was there that I met my ministry, The Kings’ Union International and founded by Pastor Charisma E. Evangel. That is when I started taking God More seriously as well as my music.

PWN: How was growing up like for you?

ABII KEREN: I grew up in and area known as Billingham, Stockton- on- Tees, in the North East of England, United Kingdom. Growing up was fun and interesting because being a Ghanaian in an area which was so cosmopolitan exposed me to a lot of experiences.

PWN: What motivates you in life.

ABII KEREN: I’ve been blessed with a lot of things in my life so far but the greatest of All has been that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone must be able to say this and so whatever it takes to make this happen is what must be done.

PWN: Risk whatever it takes to have a relationship with God. How did your MUSIC MINISTRY begin ?

ABII KEREN: I’ve always loved music. Singing it and trying to write songs from a very young age. It was always a way to feel close to God and as I grew I improved. I realized that music had become my Hope, because in it is found Christ and so I want to give and show that hope to the world.

PWN: Hence your song, when I found you which talks about the life of hope, joy, truth and love we find in Jesus. I particularly also love the song “zoe”.   What sacrifices do you make to be able to successfully integrate law with music?

ABII KEREN: I wouldn’t call it sacrifice because that would mean I’m losing something but I haven’t. There have been times where I’ve spent time writing or at the studio when maybe I could have been elsewhere but then there are times where I’ve had to be in class when I have a burning idea. They’re both part of my life so I don’t see it as one or the other, I see it as there’s one side, then there’s another side- same coin though.

PWN: Right. More like an integration .With regards to short and long term goals, what do you anticipate with respect to career, music, and life in general.

ABII KEREN: Long term I would say it’s a matter of getting my music out there and widening my reach and that’s been happening little by little with the support of my ministry, label, friends and family. With career I’d want to go into company law but also try my hand at music management and the legalities behind that. However on the whole, I’d say my life is ministry and so where God leads me in it is where I shall go.

PWN: How would you define success?

ABII KEREN: I’d define success as surpassing all and every expectation in your life. It’s important to think big; if what you think and see is what you get, all you must see is excellence.

PWN: What does Abii Keren, Masterpiece mean as your name?

ABII KEREN: Keren means horn and it can be found in Job 42 as she was one of the daughters of Job after his trials. When you look deeper into this Hebrew word you also find that it stands for strength and light which ties in with the message of music as being a vessel of Hope for this world. In order to bring Hope you must give the people strength and be a light for them to see.
The name Masterpiece is usually how I tag my poetry and writings. It was simply an understanding I received and I’ve held onto ever since. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are actually God’s Masterpiece (NLT). The first time I read this I was marveled; as great and wonderful as God is, He has called me a Masterpiece, his best thing, the greatest creation he could ever come up with. To put it into perspective, just as Da Vinci was world renowned for his painting of the Mona Lisa, I am the best representative and best card of God! When I came to this realization I just knew that there was more to offer this world and everyone should have this understanding.

PWN: In your opinion, would you think young Christian woman are finding it difficult to identify and align themselves with the purpose of God for us?

ABII KEREN: Yes. There are so many pressures in this world for sure and with different movements which speak of how best to be a woman it can be very difficult to lose your way in this world. We live in a world where people think so highly of their own opinion and aren’t ready to listen to anyone else. We even have Christians doing this instead of seeking their understanding from God and so yes, it does make it easy to lose sight of purpose.

PWN: It is indeed easy to lose sight of your purpose as a Christian and as a woman. Grace Abounds. Any mentor?

ABII KEREN: My mentor is Pastor Charisma Eben Evangel. There are many women I look up to but this man has actually helped me understand what it means to be a woman. He has helped me see that in Jesus Christ, the focus isn’t the whether you’re a man or woman but whether you’re seeking God. Everything else, every other role as a woman Be it, daughter, wife, mother, helper is secondary to that and flows from being in Christ. Many people are very focused on roles, forgetting that they first came from God and I believe that if everyone came to this understanding, the world would be a better place.

PWN: Any hobbies aside making soul fulfilling music?

ABII KEREN: I enjoy reading, writing, playing guitar, piano and spending time with brethren.

PWN: ABII KEREN  Let’s say I am say a 10 year old girl who approaches you and ask for a definition of life. What would tell me?

ABII KEREN: Hahaha I can only imagine a 10 year old you 😃 . Life is all about finding your purpose and fulfilling it. To find your true purpose it’s best to establish a relationship with God because there are so many people in this world who can lead you astray but trusting in Jesus is the best option- you can never go wrong.

PWN:  If you were a book, what would be your title and why?

ABII KEREN: To Be A Masterpiece. As I explained, the Masterpiece is so important to understanding our identity in Christ. I believe that in this we can see the love of God, we understand the gift of Salvation from which everything hails from and when a person really understands who they are, they become unstoppable!

PWN:  If you were a colour, which one would you be and why?

ABII KEREN: Green. It’s my Favourite colour because it’s everywhere.

PWN: Now my favourite part of the interview. What does it mean to be a Phenomenal Woman for you?

ABII KEREN: To me, it means that you’re a woman causing waves on earth. A phenomenon is usually a strange or unusual happening that doesn’t come around often. That’s exactly who I am and that’s who every Phenomenal Woman is.

PWN: YASSSSSSSSSSS! I FEEL ALL SORTS OF PHENOMENAL RIGHT ABOUT NOW!! I AM UNCOMMON HAPPENING. Abii finally an advice to your fellow sisters out there.

ABII KEREN: The world can offer you so many thing yet it is but for a time. It will never truly satisfy you and will leave you hurting for more. Jesus Christ can fulfil all your wants and desires and when you want more of him it’s just because you want a deeper relationship- you can’t go wrong.

PWN: Thank you for such an inspiring one of a kind interview.  Continue to be blessing to us all. Below is a link to her new single, Free.

http://soundcloud.com/abiikeren/free-ft-cypaq I’m Free🎶 👼 Happy Streaming💯

Follow her on

Facebook: ABII KEREN

Instagram: abiimasterpiece

Twitter: abiikeren





Today being the last Sunday in our month of celebrating mighty men of valour, we’re having a têtê a têtê conversation with an academia. A young man in age, an old man in Wisdom, achievements and success. I’m proud to mention that he’s my brother (yes I am being biased lool). He, together with my sister Phyll used to prey on my baby food. One day, I was having a conversation with him over the phone and he mentioned how proud he was of me, especially with regard to the Phenomenal Woman. He stated “ I am not a phenomenal man so if I have a phenomenal sister then I’m good to go”.

Young men today is your day to take notes. Be inspired with this conversation.


NELIA: It’s pretty weird that I’ll have to address you formally for the sake of this interview. Otherwise I’d have called you “chief” but Dr Riverson, thank you for making the time for this interview. Kindly tell us about yourself?


DR. RIVERSON: Thank you dear Sis. Dr Riverson Oppong holds a Ph.D. in Energy (Oil and Gas, and Renewables) Management – Finance and Economics from Gubkin Russian University of Oil and Gas; Diploma in Earth GeoScience from Stanford University, USA; Masters (with honors) in Petroleum Engineering from Gubkin Russian University of Oil and Gas, with Masters Exchange Program in Arctic Development from Norwegian University of Nordland; a Bachelors degree in Materials (Industrial) Science and Engineering from K.N.U.S.T., Ghana; Diploma in Project Management from Institute of Commercial Management, UK.

I am also the immediate former Chief Editor of SPE TIMES, and currently the Founder and Chief Editor of Global Energy Insight, an online Journal (www.geinsight.com); Organizing Committee Member of World Petroleum Youth Council; a visiting Tutor under the SPE Ambassador Lecturer Program (ALP) in Russia and Europe, and the Chairman of International Leadership Summit (www.ils-moscow.com).

During my Studies, I won several awards including, ‘First Place Winner’ in the International Ph.D. Paper Contest under EMW Conference, 2016 in Poland; Honor of the Best Presentation under SPE-ASEC Scientific Paper Contest, 2016 in Croatia; ‘First Place Winner’ under SPEEMW Poster Contest, 2015 in Poland; ‘First Place Winner’ under SPE-OGH Congress’ Students’ Paper Contest, 2014 in Russia; ‘First Place Winner’ under the 21st World Petroleum Congress’ Oil and Gas Competition; ‘Third Place Winner’ under the EAGE and SPE Oil and Gas Competition, 2013 in Russia.

I loved to teach and share knowledge. As such I have lectured in several universities across Europe and Russia, and I have been a conference panelist on numerous Student Conferences across the globe in the past one year. My immense contribution to international conferences include 17 presentations under ATCE 2016, UAE; IPTC 2016, Thailand; ATC 2016, Canada, WPC 2017, Turkey; among others, with 11 published scientific papers.
NELIA: WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I am in awe of all these achievements Dr. I am really marvelled and I can’t begin to imagine all the hard work that has gone into achieving all these credentials. Lets talk a bit about your childhood. How was growing up like for you?


Dr. RIVERSON: My “growing up” in Ghana was just like that of an average Ghanaian – a run-of-the-mill home (not poor and not rich parents), average in class, went to school because I saw my older brothers doing so, and my insatiable hobby at the age of 12 was playing piano. At the age of 14, I had a strong desire to become an Engineer in the future and hence pursued Science with Geography instead of Biology at St. James Senior High School in Sunyani, B/A. There, I clearly understood what “learning” was. We burnt the midnight candles like “slaves” to gain knowledge. It was then my thirst for knowledge began.

NELIA: Studying and living outside of Ghana for a couple of years, being away from home and family, how did you cope?


DR. RIVERSON : The word cope here means the negative aspect of my being away from home, if I am right. Well, much to say but will keep it succinct. Studying and living in a country like Russia, as you may know wasn’t easy – the language barrier, the extreme cold weather and the racism factor. Truth be told, learning in that language with the aim to complete my masters with “honors” was as tough as all Hercules’ tasks put together. I was warned about the weather before my journey to Moscow, but upon arrival I realized what I had imagined was nowhere near the reality. I personally didn’t face much of racism and “beating” in the street; however I heard about some complains at church. Now how did I cope?.. I made good friends who I practiced the language with, so I picked up after 6 months. I dressed up pretty warm to avoid any accidents. Lastly, I made sure I wasn’t out after 20:00. I really enjoyed my stay in Moscow, and yes at the end of day, I completed my Masters and Ph.D. with honors.


NELIA: You’ve been awesome and amazingly successful in your career and you couldn’t have achieved this feat without some values, principles or even philosophy. On that note, what have been your core values and principles?
DR. RIVERSON: The word “Success” has different meanings to different people. And how you define success determines how what you would need to achieve it. What made me successful, most especially abroad were the following;
1. I stayed in the House of God. Joy isn’t the absence of suffering, rather the presence of God. And proverbs says “A man away from home is like a bird away from its nest”
2. I surrounded myself with the right people. As the saying goes; “show me your friend and I will show you who you are”, the Bible also makes it clear in Psalms “Ps. 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful”. RIGHT NETWORKS WITH PEOPLE MATTER A LOT IN YOUR SUCCESS REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU FIND YOURSELF DOING.

3. I followed the footsteps of masters. I have three mentors in my life – two for career path and one for social life. And I indeed look up to them. Isaac Newton once said, “I saw the future (became who I am today- in other words) because I stood on the shoulders of giants”.

4. I love to set goals and stay focused: Stay focused on whatever you do and never doubt yourself. You will succeed only if you LOVE what you do.
5. I learn to walk in humility: Never think too highly of yourself, because pride comes before a fall. When people compliment you, simply respond by saying ‘thank you’ and then move on. Don’t dwell on your past victories and don’t ever believe your own press. Not looking at the number of awards I have won internationally, I seem to have nothing to boast of. Do not settle for what you have, “Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish”

NELIA: WHEEEWWWW! I can not begin to summarise what you have expounded here. They all matter equally. Finally, Dr before we take leave of you, what advise would you give to your younger self?


DR. RIVERSON: I would like to share 8 MAJOR keys to success and I guess that will be it:
1. Start early
2. Don’t dwell on past achievement
3. Have a mentor(s)
4. Mentor someone
5. Network effectively
6. Secure clean and good environment
7. Learn to sacrifice
8. Avoid procrastination
NELIA: Thank you once again brother for making time to impact on us your principles, wisdom and insight to success. We’re grateful.
DR RIVERSON: I am glad I was able to be an inspiration.


Love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman.


I’ll love to let our readers know of our maiden event coming this Christmas dubbed  “JINGLE AND MINGLE ” 




This has been my most interesting interview ever. Here’s why; this conversation cum interview you’re about to read was originally a mere informal conversation between myself and Sherrlie. I realised this is all I needed for an interview. So I told her, Sherrlie you know what, this conversation just became an interview session. She then said “Nelia you’ve breached our contract😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”. I said “I am sorry but thank you for taking the headache off me!” So I asked some follow up questions after well, a very, very, very, very, lengthy, detailed, and incredible self pitch I have ever come across. So what it means is that today, Sherrlie does majority of the talking! My dear Phenomenal Women, SHERRLIE MAISON!



Shirley: My name is Shirley Esther Maison. But I love to be called SHELMAY😎. I am the second to the first and the last of the two 😂😂. I had my crèche at Jack and Jill and then went to Seven Great Princess Academy from nursery to JHS 1 second term where I had to painfully change schools because we(my family) were relocating to our permanent house at Kasoa. I continued my JHS education at West End International School where I completed and wrote my BECE. Now let me chip in to say that during this stage of my life it was a battle because that was my first major change and it disoriented my thinking and greatly affected my social skills. I had to learn how to make new friends and associates. I was greatly familiar with my former church, school and community. This was a tough one but I braced it.
I gained admission to Wesley Girls high school where I read Home Economics. Truth is I loved “geyhey” before I got there because my big sister was there as well as my aunties and literally every other woman around me was a geyhey noisemaker 😂😂😂😂 so I pretty much had no option because as they say “if u can’t beat them join them” . During my stay there I was member of the red cross society and it was during my red cross days that I learnt how to go out to help the kakumdo community to dress their sores and other basic first aid knowledge was acquired as well. If there is any other lesson I learnt from this experience, it was how I could get out of my comfort zone and help others.


In addition to my contributions to the Red Cross Society, I was part of a club called FORUM FOR AFRICAN WOMEN EDUCATIONIST. It was a forum where issues about women and empowerment were discussed as well as the development of skills. We included basic etiquette such as eating, walking and essentially anything about being a lady. In the course of it, I became the vice president and then later we merged with another ladies group and became one club called GENDA AGENDER still clinging on to the position of a VICE PRESIDENT.
Along the line I became a member of the chapel committee and also a bible study leader where we prepared for service and led bible studies. I completed my senior high school education not with just an academic accomplishment, but with some knowledge about the world, the Word and also about volunteerism.
I proceeded to the University of Ghana where I read Linguistics, French and Spanish. During my second semester in first year I joined a ministry on campus called MASS THEATRE; a Christian theatre ministry that taught the biblical and spiritual reasoning for all the acts and dance and recitals we take on stage. What the world calls performance , we call a ministration. 😀😃 . I Was in this ministry my whole four years in the university. It was a great privilege because I grew spiritually and also to understand some basic principles we overlook. I cannot use this platform to throw more light but just to say the least, I will always go back to mass theatre if I were a fresher in university again. Aside my ministry I was introduced to an NGO by a friend. At that time the ngo was called INSPYA GHANA. We visited far and near communities to spend a couple of days with them and mentored the kids, donated materials and also had some other ngos on board to help with health screenings and discussions. We had time for the parents and teachers as well. Infact we blended so well with the communities we visited such that leaving them was always heartbreaking. 
During my last year in the university, I was made the PROJECT DIRECTOR of the NGO and I am still in the position. My responsibilities cut across working hand in hand with my assistant and together with the organizing director and also with the marketing director at times in terms of working on projects and evaluating communities that may need our help. I am also incharge of assigning roles and involving volunteers, members and our partners in all our projects and events.
I must say this exposure has been one of a kind. One thing I have learnt and still learning is that you do not need to get to where you want to be before you pull others along. Pull them along as you move. The world will be a far more better place if we could see through the struggles of others and help them.


Nelia:Whewww! That was some introduction right there! Moving on, if you were a book what would be your title and why.


Shirley: Hahaha a book😂😂😂😂. Umm hmm. The Secret UNKNOWN. why? Because I believe there’s still more to know than you know now😂😂😂😂. Well but essentially there’s more to unravel and there’s more to explore about myself.
Nelia:  How about if you were a colour, what would you be and why?
Shirley: Colour? .BLUE💙💙💙 . Blue because it is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and above all heaven. Blue has been considered to be beneficial to the mind and body. 😇😇
Nelia: You’ve worked with a lot of ngos for women. What would you say is our biggest problem, especially black women and how do you suggest we can overcome it.

Shirley: Our biggest problem hmm we don’t believe we could be who we really want to be and so we close ourselves to many opportunities . If we all fully utilise our potentials as the GIVER expects, we would do more than we are doing.
Nelia: How would you define success?
Shirley: Success is relative and fairly subjective. However, I believe it should be measured by how far you have come with what you have aimed to achieve.


Nelia: How has volunteerism added value to the person you are now.
Shirley: Volunteerism has unveiled the me I didn’t even know existed. Hahaha.


Nelia:This interview wouldn’t be complete without this question, who  is a phenomenal woman in your opinion? 

Shirley: Well I believe a phenomenal woman is one who still focuses on her *passion* and *purpose* despite her past and her imperfections. A phenomenal woman is one who is true to her self to the end.

Nelia: Before we let go of you Shirley, any nuggets of advice to your fellow young women.

Shirley: My advise to everyone including myself is never be discouraged about the things you desire to achieve. We are surrounded by forces of different shades and all but hey build bridges with it and walk on it to get to where you are going. Allow yourself to unleash the hidden you. We have been created for far more than we are doing now. Lastly, never forget your source of life which is God.
Oh and finally [ I promise : • )]Build networks. Strong bonds. One that will build u up physically, socially, morally, and above all spiritually.


Here’s where the têtê-à-têtê with miss incredible SHELMAY ends today. It was fun, didactic and insightful. Let’s know you passed by. Drop your comments😙😙😙

Love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman




Interview- Excellencial.


With the spate of unemployment, especially for young university graduates in our country, it takes bravery, innovation and positivity to decide to be an entrepreneur. Finding an opportunity in what seems to be a competitive world is worth celebrating. Today, our guest,  a twenty four year old graduate of KNUST decision against all odds to stand a business; a unique and pretty interesting one at that. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet EXCELLENCIAL BETTY BOATEMAA.

Nelia: Hi Betty, kindly  tell us about yourself and your business most especially.
Betty: Having started Excel Sobolo while at the University, I gained experience in marketing as the General Manager. I had the opportunity to improve my communication skills, interpersonal skills and decision making skills. Juggling academic work and business at school produced effective time management skills in me. The joy of starting an initiative and working towards its success continued after University. Currently I am the Founder of Kubenut. Kubenut is a partnership type of business which is responsible for production of packaged tender coconut water and the coconut pulp. Kubenut aims to deliver nutritious, thirst quenching, refreshing, energizing and high quality tender coconut water and its pulp to its customers. Kubenut places a great deal is on safety, hygienic, healthy and attractive packaging. Customer satisfaction is our hallmark. It is a part time work at the moment and wish to expand it in future. I have a goal of reading International Business Management as my second degree programme to boost my business development and management skills. In future, I want to be Business Developer and Marketing Manager for a global brand company in the industry of food and beverages.


Nelia: Goals! You will surely achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. How growing up like for you?


Betty:  Growing up having a teacher as a mother, you got to learn hard and excel. My childhood was more about books. So I guess my childhood was pretty normal then.
Nelia: What motivates you in life.
Betty: Successful stories of people who have made it in life. People who have made in against all of life’s circumstances. I feel like I have no excuse to fail at all.
Nelia: Any particular unfortunate experiences that you’ve encountered in life? (Any story you can share that will inspire and encourage someone reading it.)
Betty: I didn’t grow up to see a male figure in my house, my mother has played both roles and she is a fighter. She is now on pension but was a Diploma Teacher. By grace, she has seen all of us through the university. I am the last born. It hasn’t been easy financially, but God has been good. She is my number one role model.
Nelia:I’m sorry about not having a male figure in your life. But all things work together for our good. How did you rise above it?


Betty: The excellence mindset.

Nelia: The excellence spirit indeed. I’m pretty convinced this is what incited you to start your own business right after leaving school. As a startup entrepreneur, what influenced your decision to start KUBENUT?

Betty: The fact that any fruit can be taken in the office except coconut because of the nature of the fruit. So then I figured if it cold be packaged neatly and made convenient, people, especially  those in the corporate sector will patronise it.
Nelia: Exactly. Find a problem in society, find a way to fix it. People will pay for it.  Howbeit I suppose it hasn’t been a smooth ride. What are some of the risks you had to take as a startup? What has kept you going?



Betty: Financial risks and what keeps me going is knowing that a customer is satisfied with your product and services. It gives you some unexplainable joy.
Nelia: Where do you envision KUBENUT to be in the next 5 years?
Betty: In 5 years’ time, I see Kubenut obtain Food and Drugs Authorization number, have had more hands on board and have captured the whole of Greater Accra and another region.
Nelia: How would you define success?
Betty: Having positive influence and impact on your society.


Nelia: Growing up, who’s been your mentor and why?
Betty: Joyce Meyer. She had fought the good fight of faith and she is where she is now.
Nelia: If you were a book, what would be your title and why?
Betty: How Grace Works. Because my life is grace influenced.
Nelia:  We all are indeed grace bound! If you were a colour, which one would you be and why?


Betty: Red, signifying the blood of Jesus, so precious to me.
Nelia: THE BLOOD! What does it mean to be a Phenomenal Woman for you?
Betty: A Phenomenal Woman is a woman who is influencing her society positive and having impact on them.
Nelia: Finally, an advice to your fellow sisters out there.
Betty: Seeth thou a man diligent in his ways, he shall stand before kings. Be diligent in what you do, you will be at the top.



Nelia: See you at the top darling. Thank you!


This interview was made possible by Arbie Marfoa Marfo, Team Member of the Phenomenal Woman Blog and a great friend of Miss Betty.

Don’t forget to let me know you passed by!

Love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman 

Sena Wogormebu



When I was in primary school I asked my mum which profession was “higher” : a nurse or a doctor . She answered : a doctor. Pleaseoooooooo my mum is a nurse wai, dont start argueing. So I told her that, then I’ll be a doctor. I got a lady-bird dictonary gift from a family friend when I was in sunday school after 1 of my numerous little sermons. Whiles flipping through, I found the word “pediatrician”. Ooooooo so my big head on a small body decided to be a pediatrician and I was still in primary school. 1 of my primary school teachers started calling me “mpanie” (hehhe..forgive my twi). In JSS, I started writing on alllllllllll of my books “DR.ADAMS”(Abigail Doduwah Abena Maame Sackey)and some teachers started calling me that and most importantly my mum and the rest of my family members joined in. Parents , speak “life” into the lives of your children.

My name is DR.ADAMS. ..if you want to honor my family aaa then call me Dr.Sackey(and no, I’m not a ga. I’m from Enyan denkyira….and no my fante sucks). …if u ask me aaa then me dier please just call me A MIRACLE

And that is how we begin today’s interview with Dr. Ewurabena Adams( well we’ll find out pretty shortly whether the ADAMS is an acronym or not)

So this was the first post of her I read. Immediately after reading it, I inboxed her. I honestly didn’t think she was going to reply, well for obvious reasons( lol) but she did, and pretty quickly too. Oh wait, I sent her a friend request first. Yes, then she accepted almost immediately,  then I inboxed her. Anyway, so I had this admiration for her right from when I read her post. The PHENOMENAL WOMAN BLOG hadn’t even commenced yet. In fact,  during that period, I was busily wasting my energy on a campaign when God had it all figured out just like that. He watched me do it all to the end. Then He said, abi you’re done chasing what wasn’t the real deal. Well now that I have your attention, let’s work! Wheeww I feel like I’m taking the attention of today’s interview  (well, you can’t blame me, I have looked forward to this interview even before Phenomenal Woman was born so allow).

My dear Phenomenal Woman, I present to you the exclusive interview with DR EWURABENA ADAMS!

Nelia: Who’s Dr Ewurabena Adams?

Dr. Adams: My name is Abigail Doduwah Abena Maame Sackey (A.D.A.M.S).  I’m the 3rd and last born of my parents. I’m a practicing medical doctor.

Nelia: oh so the Adams is indeed an acronym as I suspected. How was growing up like for you?

Dr. Adams: I grew up in a middle class family in a couple of compound houses in Accra.  I enjoyed my childhood as a tomboy,  I followed my brothers everywhere and I have scars to prove them.. Hehe

Nelia: What were some of the life’s lessons you’ve grown up to understand and appreciate more.

Dr. Adams: Life lessons : give and give and give….. Smile a lot… Be determined and follow your dreams wisely….love others and be at peace with everyone, or at least try. Most importantly love God (if you love Him,  you’ll obey his commandments) 

Nelia: Give, give and give! Why did you choose to be a doctor?( I mean I get that question a lot so why not throw the bomb at some one if it’s in my possession now)

Dr. Adams: well, its all in the except of the post I wrote last year. But to summarise matters, lets say i saw mum loving what she did as a nurse and she was good at it.  I decided to follow her footsteps but a little “higher”. I wanted to continue where my mum had stopped and by God’s grace, this is where we are now. 

Nelia: I read your testimony about how you got into med school and all in order to accomplish your dreams. (Which by the way, is this very post up here. I really entreat everyone to go on to her fb wall and read the whole story) but in the meantime, be generous by giving us a gist of it.

Dr. Adams: Hmmm,  this is a whole book.  But in summary God made a way for me to study medicine in Russia through a scholarship when I was rejected by the universities in Ghana.  And by His grace I came out with flying colors.  Hallelujah!

Nelia: Amen. I always say, that a disappointment is really an appointment in disguise! Now lets talk about being a woman shall we? Do you think young Christian woman are finding it difficult to identify and align themselves with the purpose of God for us?

Dr Adams: Sadly and rightly so my dear. Most christian young women are trying to be “accepted ” in this world and the means doesn’t matter to them which is sad. 

Nelia: Who’s your mentor?

Dr. Adams: I have a couple of  mentors depending on which aspect of life I want to polish. 

I’ll name just one here,  my mother – Mrs Lucy Sackey. She is the strongest woman I know,  her generosity always baffles me even when she doesn’t have.  Her prayer life is something I want for myself and her dedication and love for God is enviable. She is the best gift in person God has given me ever! 

Nelia: Life can indeed be bleak at times… what keeps you going during such difficult periods?

Dr. Adams: I think of three things.

  • Past – where God brought me from.
  • Present – what God is doing in my life
  • Future – what God will do in my life
I look to Him,  the author and finisher of my faith and that He is really the I AM THAT I AM. Hallelujah! 

Nelia: Apart being a Dr, what do you enjoy doing? Something fun and exciting.

Dr. Adams: Cooking – I love to try new recipes,  eating – trying out new foods and loving it. Travelling seeing new places and having a change of environment. And I loooooooveeee teaching Sunday school. Suffer not the children to come to me…

Nelia: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen sister! What does it mean to be a Phenomenal Woman in your opinion?

Being a phenomenal woman doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes, don’t break down sometimes,  don’t get sick, don’t wanna give up sometimes,  don’t get disappointed in yourself and the things around you, don’t feel insignificant,  don’t feel little and I can go on about all the negatives feelings… but being a phenomenal woman means knowing and accepting that you are imperfect yet still trying to brighten the corner you find yourself in and making sure you work on that source of light to make it brighter,  brighter and BRIGHTER!!  and ooo  if you have CHRIST then you become BRIGHTEST!!! 
Dear woman,  you have generations inside you, every step you take now will affect those generations. Whatever you are going through now some other people might have gone through it – group A failed and group B passed.  Which group do you belong to or want to belong to
..it doesn’t matter where you currently are because GOD always allows a U-turn!
Look, search, ask and you’ll get there someday. Don’t let anyone deceive you, women are special beings in the eyes of God and a woman who prays is a powerful woman (my grandmother and mother are living testimonies )
It might be difficult but please and please and please strive to be part of group B : where there is a WILL,  there is always a WAY!!! 
Anyone can be a phenomenal woman but a phenomenal woman who loves God is a unique phenomenal woman! 
God loves you more than you know or you’ll  ever understand and He wants the best for you! 

Nelia: wow, that answers my final question, an advice to your fellow sisters out there. But it is all in there!

It’s been a great interview.  My take home quote, anyone can be a Phenomenal Woman, but a Phenomenal Woman who loves God is a unique Phenomenal Woman. Which kind of a Phenomenal Woman are you!

Ps: She graduated with a first class in Medicine! I think God deserves some praise.

One last Ps: Don’t forget to follow her on FB @ Ewurabena Adams


love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman 


Emmanuella Esinam Awunyo.

​ So during the summer break I decided to intern at one of the most prestigious Business Law firms in Africa, little did I know I was going to meet a family, a family of young, intelligent and smart women, one of which is my guest today.  She’s full of so much energy. She’s  smart, articulate and she’s just herself. I remember our first day on the job, when we were ordering for lunch, she goes like me I want local dishes OK, rice rice is not my thing. I was like yaaaayy I have my match. It was amazing working with her, and today she decided to spend sometime with us… 

Ladies and Gentlemen, she is Miss Tourism 2012, that’s all I will say for now.. want to find out more about this personality, just scroll down.

Nel: Who is Miss Tourism 2012?

Esi:  Well that will be me. She is a lady who shares the same birthday with Ghana’s First President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, hence don’t be surprised if she becomes the first female president of Ghana. She is currently a final year student undertaking her postgraduate degree in law under the University of London International Programmes. She was crowned Miss Tourism Ghana 2012 and loves to cook, act, research and spend quality time with her family. Esinam is a lover of the entertainment industry and hopes to feature in a Hollywood blockbuster movie in the near future. Her philosophy of life revolves around the British Statesman, Sir Winston Churchill’s saying that “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.

Nel:  You really do know you! Alright tell us about your journey in the world of beauty pageants and competitions. 

Esi:Well, my journey in the world of pageantry started when i was a little girl growing up in Osu who was always glued to the television set watching Miss Ghana back in the late 90’s. I knew that whatever i wanted to achieve in my adult life was supposed to be a source of inspiration to both the young and the old.My debut in pageantry was during my high school days in Keta Senior Secondary School and during my undergraduate studies at the University of Ghana, I auditioned to be part of Face of Legon, and made it to the grand finale but didn’t make it to the top five finalists.

My next shot at a beauty pageant after series of grooming sessions was in 2011 when I was selected to be part of the sixteen girls who made it to the Miss Malaika Ghana house and during the grand finale, I was in the top five and went home with three awards, Miss Talent, Best Evening Gown and Miss Catwalk. 

In 2012, I auditioned for Miss Tourism Ghana, which is by far one of the best pageants in Ghana because it deals with a vital area of the Ghanaian economy that helps generate revenue for the country. I was crowned Miss Tourism Ghana 2012 and ended up swooping more than half of the awards that were up for grabs on the night, which included, Miss Eloquence, Miss Talent, Miss Photogenic, and Best Specific Tourism segment. This has been my journey in the world of pageantry.

Nel: How did the competition help groom you into who you are now.

Esi: Miss Tourism Ghana has moulded me into the confident, outspoken lady speaking to you today. It also gave me the platform to network with eminent personalities both locally and internationally which has afforded me with the needed exposure that has had a profound impact on my view of the world in which we live. 

Nel: Growing up as a young lady, I have on several accounts heard people, both male and female dicuss the issue of pageantry and morality. Actually, my eldest sister was once Miss Obaasima (which will now be Miss CUC) during her days as student in Central University College. I know she would have loved to pursue that dream but for this unfavourable misconception that is gaining grounds about beauty Queens and morality. What’s your take on it? 

Esi: I believe its all about perception. As human beings we come across various temptations especially when you are a beautiful young lady who either has the dream to be a beauty queen or has in fact won a pageant. You tend to receive a lot of favors and attention from men especially but at the end of the day it boils down to you the individual, your values, principles, and what they stand for in your life. 

Nel: Principles. Thats one thing no person can shove it down your throat. You make them yourself and be sure not to compromise. Let the world say and do what the may. Stand for something else you fall for anything. Within my few months of knowing you I can tell are full of so much energy. What’s your secrert young lady besides God ofcourse.

Esi: My dad.He is my sole inspiration and the reason I keep striving to achieve my goals in life. He was my driving force when i was competing for the various pageants I found myself in and he still is as i aspire to be a lawyer in the near future.

Nel: Daddy Daddy. We the Akans will say Dada Ba. Moving on, any particular women , you look up to as mentors and role models in your chosen path of life and why? 

Esi: Definitely. Her name is Etta Mensah and she was my Common Law Reasoning and Institutions lecturer during my first year on the University of London International Programme. She is a young industrious woman in her 30’s.I admire her sense of perseverance, commitment and dedication to achieving her goals. In a short space of time she has achieved so much in her life as a young woman and she never ceases to amaze me. 

Nel: Yuhp I remember you mention her to me and the other ladies one time during our internship programme when we stole time to chat a while. Well done Ma’am.  

Alright soo if you had the opportunity to be a young 10 year child again, with all the knowledge and expertise in life now, what would you change about your life as a young woman? 

Esi: Mmm….now that’s a difficult one. To be honest i will change nothing about my life as a young woman. I love the woman I am now with all my perfections and imperfections. I have grown to embrace all aspects of my life for they have actually molded me into the woman I am today. 

Nel: What is your advice to the young woman out there who is scared and afraid to go all out for herself because of society?

Esi: According to Stephanie Melish ‘Fear is an idea-crippling, experience-crushing, success-stalling inhibitor inflicted by yourself’. Sweetheart, if you are out there reading this don’t be scared to go all out for yourself for you owe it to yourself to be happy. Forget about what society thinks, and do what makes you happy and feel fulfilled because at the end of the day whether you go all out or not society will still be around. You are special and have a role to play and you must play it to the best of your ability.

Nel: What top 5 pieces of advice would you give to young girls and why?

Esi:  Well here you go!!

  • Be yourself because everyone else is taken.
  • Humility is the key to your altitude in life.
  • Always lend a helping hand when you can because we all need help in one way or the other.
  • Do what you love because it won’t seem like work and you would do it with joy.
  • Never ever compromise on your values as an individual for that is what makes you who you really are.

Nel: Finally finally, What does the future hold for you in pageantry

Esi: Well, pageants have shaped me into the fine young woman i am today. I work with the Miss Tourism Ghana Organization every year to groom the contestants as well as help organize the main event. 

However, In the near future i hope to run a pageant of my own to give other young ladies the opportunity I was given to better themselves and the lives of people around them.

Nel: Esinam thanks soo much for your time. I know I have had to be on you just a little for this piece but am very grateful dear. And I hope we get to work again with all the other ladies so we can continue our coffee treats every morning. 

Esi:  lol. Sure thing Nelia. Thank you for the opportunity as well to tell my story. I’m honoured.

Well there you have it. Very insightful and mind boggling lessons. Hope you enjoyed it and it was helpful. Let’s get talking. Be sure to leave a comment right here👇👇.

Love, Nelia 💓💓

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Be your selfie (II) I Am What You Cannot See.

Heya…well well well…remember Micaela? Anyways so I came across a poem she wrote, sometime back. Probably way before our paths crossed but then I was like wow…she’s got to do a piece on the #BE YOUR SELFIE SERIES. I kind of just dropped the bombshell on her a few days ago. I text her and am like “CAELA YOU ARE DOING THE NEXT POST” She says Nelia what?! Are you sure? And I say Absolutely! !

And she stuns me when I receive the piece! And I know this piece will wow you from here to the moon and back. She addresses the issues at stake from a whole different point of view which  I whole heartedly believe will relate well with some of us. It’s true what the Phenomenal Maya  Angelo said.. that in diversity, there is beauty and there is strength. 

In the diversity Micaela inputs in this work, there is indeed beauty and strength.

Ladies and (gentlemen),

Micaela presents I AM WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE.

When I wrote this poem, I was in a very bad place. A place I have never been before emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I was trying to understand what I wanted out of life, I was scared of the future and I wanted as much as possible to please everybody and do what everybody says. I was confused, yet enlightened. I was yearning for something, yet I felt a pseudo-feeling of fulfilment. I was always in mixed emotions. Whether it was to do with love, work, academia and friends. All in all, I was in a pit left to fight a battle against myself, with myself and everybody else. So when our girl Cornelia came to me one evening and said (mind you not in so many words, but in many emoji’s haha), ‘Micaela you have to write about this!’ I immediately thought, wow really? Is she sure? There is so much history in between those lines and within the words – it’s simply bringing up the difficult side of the past. But then, after I looked at it again closely, after a year, I realised, this is indeed an empowering piece. How did I miss this? After acknowledging this, I thought, ok, yes, now, I need to look for some awesome, cool,  Bible scriptures that extremely reiterate the morals of  this poem, something that will relate to us as women and also, most importantly be able to blow our minds with excitement! Whilst frantically flying through bible quotes, I just stopped and for some reason, I went on ahead and started writing.

Therefore my African Queens, what you are about to read, is simply a brief snippet of unfiltered, raw thought processes – some of which you may agree with and have experienced. Some of which you may not agree with. And that is ok Life is a learning process and we are all entitled to our own opinions!  Now, (assuming that I haven’t lost you just yet – hold on!) let us embark on thinking about what it means to be your extra-ordinary self!

There is something that I have always admired about us African women. Besides the fact that we are strong, independently and collectively, we are aware of who we are, what we can do and what we want. We shouldn’t  see our nubian, melanin skin as a setback. It is where we draw our strength… (after we have sought to find ourselves from the image from which we were made- CHRIST). It seems that this is an instinct, it feels like it is common knowledge. Perhaps it is a common language. It is beautiful and inspiring that we speak in these secret codes. We may not explicitly use words at times to augment this, but there seems to be some form of awareness. For me, whenever I find myself looking my skin (probably when my mind is wandering off), I don’t just see my flesh and veins. I see beyond that. I see history. I see a lineage of many kingdoms and empires ingrained in my DNA. I see a woman who has found herself, not per the standards of society, nor by the expectations of family, neither is it by the pressures from comrades and mates.  (What do you see in yours? Comment below!).

We all know that we come from one or more than one nation in Africa. For instance, I am Ghanaian. However, if we think back to roughly the 12th Century, the ‘Ghana Empire’ itself consisted of many smaller regions and kingdoms going beyond the current territorial borders. It spanned across what we now know today as Mauritania and Mali. This shows that maybe I have a little Mauritanian and Malian in me! Queen, what I would like you to draw from here in my case is that  as I am a melting pot of different centuries’ old ethnic kinships, and perhaps maybe due to this I may have inherited certain characteristics in personality or appearance, I AM STILL UNIQUE; AND SO ARE YOU.  You have your own unique talents, strengths and weaknesses, vision, passion, thus, your own great personality. You have been purposefully fashioned to not be a copy of someone else. Yes, you may look like your brother or sister or your mum, but within, there is certainly no one like you. If we think back to the concept of sisterhood, we can see that it is based on a community of women coming together for a good cause. Mostly for the purpose of empowerment. The key thing to note here, is that as we do come together, we are bringing all of our talents to the table. We are walking into this community with our uncommon differences. DISTINCTIVENESS AS AN ININDIVIDUAL IS WHAT MAKES YOU GREAT.

Once again, going into why I wrote this poem, I think I wrote it in retaliation. In retaliation to what was said and thought about me. I have always known that there is something special inside of me, something that no one else can see or envision. You have that special thing inside of you too. Only you can feel it and see what it looks like. Sometimes it is pretty hazy to see, I admit. The beauty of this is going on another journey to see it and understand it again. It is what motivates you and encourages you to aspire to various heights. 

Queen, let this week be a reflection of what that thing is to you. Please understand that this makes you extra-ordinary. This makes you what you are that others cannot see.

Peace, love and blessings,

Micaela x.

Thanks for reading, sharing and liking the post. Much love, from Nelia😘😘

I am what you cannot see

Sincerely Samuella! 

​Heya! So today we have Samuella  Takyi Buachie with the brand name @Sincerely Samuella.  She is a Ghanaian Us based young lady who has got the strength and tenacity like that of Michelle Obama or Hilary Clinton. She studies at Drexel University and was an intern at Google in recent times. She describes herself as a part-time blogger and a full time food lover (love the sound of that).  She makes food come alive trust me. Well,  I will leave her to do all the talking while we take some notes. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ever glamorous, sensational, lovely Samuella.

 Nelia: In a few words, who is Samuella?

SS: I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa and moved to the US for more educational opportunities. I am now a Junior at Drexel University studying Finance and Marketing with minors in International Economics and International Area Studies.

NELIA:  What drives you as a young Christian woman?

SS: One trait that I developed and I think has really shaped me into who I am today is the fact that I am self­motivated. Due to my personal background and interests, I am extremely self­motivated and I am always thinking about what else I can get involved in. ­ I cannot sit idle, at all.

NELIA: She can’t sit idle. Its not enough to just sit around and look pretty as a woman. Remember the proverbs 31 woman?

Anyway so what’s  your opinion on the purpose of womanhood?

SS: I have  had a lot of time to think about the purpose of womanhood and I always go back to this quote as it sums it up perfectly: “It’s definitely difficult being a woman and growing up a girl. When you’re graceful, people say you lack personality; when you’re serene, people say you’re boring; when you’re confident, people say you’re arrogant; when you’re feminine, people say you’re too girly; and when you climb trees, people say you’re too much of a tomboy! As a woman, you really need to develop a very strong sense of self and the earlier you can do that,the better! You have to be all the things that you are, without allowing other people’s ignorance change you! I realized that they don’t know what grace is, they can’t identify serenity, they have inferiority complexes, they are incapable of being feminine, and they don’t know how to climb trees!” ― C. JoyBell C.

NELIA: Too much to take in from that quote. Thank you. 

On that note, Would you think of  Womanhood as a Vulnerability?

SS: No, I do not. A lot of people think that women are vulnerable creatures just walking around but I actually think otherwise. Anyone can be vulnerable ­ at the end of the day it is solely up to the person if they would like to be vulnerable. We always have a choice. Always.

NELIA:  We always have a choice! Is there any woman who in your opinion has got it right and whom you look up to?

SS: I have a few women I look up to ­ in no particular order, of course: Rachel Maddow, Michelle Obama, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Lucy Quist, Priscilla Chan, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. To me, all of these women have one thing in common: Grit.

 NELIA:  And now to the question of the century,  who is a phenomenal woman in your opinion? 

SS: All of the women I listed above are phenomenal women and they are doing great work in their respective communities, irrespective of obstacles.

NELIA: Any advise to the young christian woman out there?

SS: I have a couple of Bible verses that really speak to me and I believe every young Christian woman should be aware of these verses:

James 1:2­7 (NIV):

2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds,

3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking

anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without

finding fault, and it will be given to you.

6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a

wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.

Proverbs 4:23 (NIV):

23 Above all else, guard your heart,

    for everything you do flows from it.

Psalm 37:3­11 (NIV):

3 Trust in the Lord and do good;

    dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

4 Take delight in the Lord,

    and he will give you the desires of your heart.

5 Commit your way to the Lord;

    trust in him and he will do this:

6 He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,

    your vindication like the noonday sun.

7 Be still before the Lord

    and wait patiently for him;

do not fret when people succeed in their ways,

    when they carry out their wicked schemes.

8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;

    do not fret—it leads only to evil.

9 For those who are evil will be destroyed,

    but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

10 A little while, and the wicked will be no more;

    though you look for them, they will not be found.

11 But the meek will inherit the land

    and enjoy peace and prosperity.

NELIA : Wow. It’s a long read but it’s worth it. Thank you soo much Samuella. We sure look forward to having you here again.

SS: My Pleasure. 


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