When I was in primary school I asked my mum which profession was “higher” : a nurse or a doctor . She answered : a doctor. Pleaseoooooooo my mum is a nurse wai, dont start argueing. So I told her that, then I’ll be a doctor. I got a lady-bird dictonary gift from a family friend when I was in sunday school after 1 of my numerous little sermons. Whiles flipping through, I found the word “pediatrician”. Ooooooo so my big head on a small body decided to be a pediatrician and I was still in primary school. 1 of my primary school teachers started calling me “mpanie” (hehhe..forgive my twi). In JSS, I started writing on alllllllllll of my books “DR.ADAMS”(Abigail Doduwah Abena Maame Sackey)and some teachers started calling me that and most importantly my mum and the rest of my family members joined in. Parents , speak “life” into the lives of your children.
My name is DR.ADAMS. ..if you want to honor my family aaa then call me Dr.Sackey(and no, I’m not a ga. I’m from Enyan denkyira….and no my fante sucks). …if u ask me aaa then me dier please just call me A MIRACLE

And that is how we begin today’s interview with Dr. Ewurabena Adams( well we’ll find out pretty shortly whether the ADAMS is an acronym or not)

So this was the first post of her I read. Immediately after reading it, I inboxed her. I honestly didn’t think she was going to reply, well for obvious reasons( lol) but she did, and pretty quickly too. Oh wait, I sent her a friend request first. Yes, then she accepted almost immediately,  then I inboxed her. Anyway, so I had this admiration for her right from when I read her post. The PHENOMENAL WOMAN BLOG hadn’t even commenced yet. In fact,  during that period, I was busily wasting my energy on a campaign when God had it all figured out just like that. He watched me do it all to the end. Then He said, abi you’re done chasing what wasn’t the real deal. Well now that I have your attention, let’s work! Wheeww I feel like I’m taking the attention of today’s interview  (well, you can’t blame me, I have looked forward to this interview even before Phenomenal Woman was born so allow).
My dear Phenomenal Woman, I present to you the exclusive interview with DR EWURABENA ADAMS!
Nelia: Who’s Dr Ewurabena Adams?

Dr. Adams: My name is Abigail Doduwah Abena Maame Sackey (A.D.A.M.S).  I’m the 3rd and last born of my parents. I’m a practicing medical doctor.

Nelia: oh so the Adams is indeed an acronym as I suspected. How was growing up like for you?

Dr. Adams: I grew up in a middle class family in a couple of compound houses in Accra.  I enjoyed my childhood as a tomboy,  I followed my brothers everywhere and I have scars to prove them.. Hehe

Nelia: What were some of the life’s lessons you’ve grown up to understand and appreciate more.

Dr. Adams: Life lessons : give and give and give….. Smile a lot… Be determined and follow your dreams wisely….love others and be at peace with everyone, or at least try. Most importantly love God (if you love Him,  you’ll obey his commandments) 

Nelia: Give, give and give! Why did you choose to be a doctor?( I mean I get that question a lot so why not throw the bomb at some one if it’s in my possession now)

Dr. Adams: well, its all in the except of the post I wrote last year. But to summarise matters, lets say i saw mum loving what she did as a nurse and she was good at it.  I decided to follow her footsteps but a little “higher”. I wanted to continue where my mum had stopped and by God’s grace, this is where we are now. 

Nelia: I read your testimony about how you got into med school and all in order to accomplish your dreams. (Which by the way, is this very post up here. I really entreat everyone to go on to her fb wall and read the whole story) but in the meantime, be generous by giving us a gist of it.

Dr. Adams: Hmmm,  this is a whole book.  But in summary God made a way for me to study medicine in Russia through a scholarship when I was rejected by the universities in Ghana.  And by His grace I came out with flying colors.  Hallelujah!

Nelia: Amen. I always say, that a disappointment is really an appointment in disguise! Now lets talk about being a woman shall we? Do you think young Christian woman are finding it difficult to identify and align themselves with the purpose of God for us?

Dr Adams: Sadly and rightly so my dear. Most christian young women are trying to be “accepted ” in this world and the means doesn’t matter to them which is sad. 

Nelia: Who’s your mentor?

Dr. Adams: I have a couple of  mentors depending on which aspect of life I want to polish. 

I’ll name just one here,  my mother – Mrs Lucy Sackey. She is the strongest woman I know,  her generosity always baffles me even when she doesn’t have.  Her prayer life is something I want for myself and her dedication and love for God is enviable. She is the best gift in person God has given me ever! 

Nelia: Life can indeed be bleak at times… what keeps you going during such difficult periods?

Dr. Adams: I think of three things.

  • Past – where God brought me from.
  • Present – what God is doing in my life
  • Future – what God will do in my life
I look to Him,  the author and finisher of my faith and that He is really the I AM THAT I AM. Hallelujah! 

Nelia: Apart being a Dr, what do you enjoy doing? Something fun and exciting.

Dr. Adams: Cooking – I love to try new recipes,  eating – trying out new foods and loving it. Travelling seeing new places and having a change of environment. And I loooooooveeee teaching Sunday school. Suffer not the children to come to me…

Nelia: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen sister! What does it mean to be a Phenomenal Woman in your opinion?

Being a phenomenal woman doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes, don’t break down sometimes,  don’t get sick, don’t wanna give up sometimes,  don’t get disappointed in yourself and the things around you, don’t feel insignificant,  don’t feel little and I can go on about all the negatives feelings… but being a phenomenal woman means knowing and accepting that you are imperfect yet still trying to brighten the corner you find yourself in and making sure you work on that source of light to make it brighter,  brighter and BRIGHTER!!  and ooo  if you have CHRIST then you become BRIGHTEST!!! 
Dear woman,  you have generations inside you, every step you take now will affect those generations. Whatever you are going through now some other people might have gone through it – group A failed and group B passed.  Which group do you belong to or want to belong to
..it doesn’t matter where you currently are because GOD always allows a U-turn!
Look, search, ask and you’ll get there someday. Don’t let anyone deceive you, women are special beings in the eyes of God and a woman who prays is a powerful woman (my grandmother and mother are living testimonies )
It might be difficult but please and please and please strive to be part of group B : where there is a WILL,  there is always a WAY!!! 
Anyone can be a phenomenal woman but a phenomenal woman who loves God is a unique phenomenal woman! 
God loves you more than you know or you’ll  ever understand and He wants the best for you! 

Nelia: wow, that answers my final question, an advice to your fellow sisters out there. But it is all in there!
It’s been a great interview.  My take home quote, anyone can be a Phenomenal Woman, but a Phenomenal Woman who loves God is a unique Phenomenal Woman. Which kind of a Phenomenal Woman are you!
Ps: She graduated with a first class in Medicine! I think God deserves some praise.
One last Ps: Don’t forget to follow her on FB @ Ewurabena Adams

love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman 

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