Miss Excellencial Betty Boatemaa

With the spate of unemployment, especially for young university graduates in our country, it takes bravery, innovation and positivity to decide to be an entrepreneur. Finding an opportunity in what seems to be a competitive world is worth celebrating. Today, our guest,  a twenty-four-year-old graduate of KNUST decision against all odds to stand a business; a unique and pretty interesting one at that. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Excellencial Betty Boatemaa

Nelia: Hi Betty, kindly  tell us about yourself and your business most especially.
Betty: Having started Excel Sobolo while at the University, I gained experience in marketing as the General Manager. I had the opportunity to improve my communication skills, interpersonal skills and decision making skills. Juggling academic work and business at school produced effective time management skills in me. The joy of starting an initiative and working towards its success continued after University. Currently I am the Founder of Kubenut. Kubenut is a partnership type of business which is responsible for production of packaged tender coconut water and the coconut pulp. Kubenut aims to deliver nutritious, thirst quenching, refreshing, energizing and high quality tender coconut water and its pulp to its customers. Kubenut places a great deal is on safety, hygienic, healthy and attractive packaging. Customer satisfaction is our hallmark. It is a part time work at the moment and wish to expand it in future. I have a goal of reading International Business Management as my second degree programme to boost my business development and management skills. In future, I want to be Business Developer and Marketing Manager for a global brand company in the industry of food and beverages.

Nelia: Goals! You will surely achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. How growing up like for you?

Betty:  Growing up having a teacher as a mother, you got to learn hard and excel. My childhood was more about books. So I guess my childhood was pretty normal then.
Nelia: What motivates you in life.
Betty: Successful stories of people who have made it in life. People who have made in against all of life’s circumstances. I feel like I have no excuse to fail at all.
Nelia: Any particular unfortunate experiences that you’ve encountered in life? (Any story you can share that will inspire and encourage someone reading it.)
Betty: I didn’t grow up to see a male figure in my house, my mother has played both roles and she is a fighter. She is now on pension but was a Diploma Teacher. By grace, she has seen all of us through the university. I am the last born. It hasn’t been easy financially, but God has been good. She is my number one role model.
Nelia:I’m sorry about not having a male figure in your life. But all things work together for our good. How did you rise above it?

Betty: The excellence mindset.
Nelia: The excellence spirit indeed. I’m pretty convinced this is what incited you to start your own business right after leaving school. As a startup entrepreneur, what influenced your decision to start KUBENUT?

Betty: The fact that any fruit can be taken in the office except coconut because of the nature of the fruit. So then I figured if it cold be packaged neatly and made convenient, people, especially  those in the corporate sector will patronise it.
Nelia: Exactly. Find a problem in society, find a way to fix it. People will pay for it.  Howbeit I suppose it hasn’t been a smooth ride. What are some of the risks you had to take as a startup? What has kept you going?

Betty: Financial risks and what keeps me going is knowing that a customer is satisfied with your product and services. It gives you some unexplainable joy.
Nelia: Where do you envision KUBENUT to be in the next 5 years?
Betty: In 5 years’ time, I see Kubenut obtain Food and Drugs Authorization number, have had more hands on board and have captured the whole of Greater Accra and another region.
Nelia: How would you define success?
Betty: Having positive influence and impact on your society.

Nelia: Growing up, who’s been your mentor and why?
Betty: Joyce Meyer. She had fought the good fight of faith and she is where she is now.
Nelia: If you were a book, what would be your title and why?
Betty: How Grace Works. Because my life is grace influenced.
Nelia:  We all are indeed grace bound! If you were a colour, which one would you be and why?

Betty: Red, signifying the blood of Jesus, so precious to me.
Nelia: THE BLOOD! What does it mean to be a Phenomenal Woman for you?
Betty: A Phenomenal Woman is a woman who is influencing her society positive and having impact on them.
Nelia: Finally, an advice to your fellow sisters out there.
Betty: Seeth thou a man diligent in his ways, he shall stand before kings. Be diligent in what you do, you will be at the top.

Nelia: See you at the top darling. Thank you!

This interview was made possible by Arbie Marfoa Marfo, Team Member of the Phenomenal Woman Blog and a great friend of Miss Betty.
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Love, Nelia


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