I met her at the ACCRA YOUTH SUMMIT. She made a statement that has stuck with me all this time. That when she intended to pursue her passion for photography, her mum was not very amused with her decision but then she said, I will not be a photographer who rides a bicycle. One very big lesson I picked into my memory is to do whatever you love to do. For then you will do it very well and attain the success and height you anticipate. In other words, do what you love, love what you do, do it with all the love you can amass and you will love the success and height you reach.

She’s been named one of the best female Photographers in Ghana. She also won the Arts, Culture and Tourism Startup of the year award at the Ghana Startup Awards 2016.
There’s no doubt that this is a woman of God, who understands what it is to find yourself in God, and walk the path He’s designed for you. When I started this work, I knew I had to get her on board.
Ladies and Gentlemen, KAFUI PRAISE!

Nelia: Hello KP, and thank you sooo much for making time for this.

KP: Thank you too for having me dear.

Nelia : Alright then, Let’s get started.In a few words, who is KP besides the awesomeness of photography abilities?

KP: Well, my actual name is Matilda Dogbatsey oh and Kafui Praise is my brand name.I am 27 years old and my parents are Mabel Adjorlolo and the late Michael Dogbatsey.

Nelia : How did Photography begin with you?

KP :Photography for me started by wanting to be a model, but then again I didn’t want to compromise to be one. l remember quite well that I was turned down by a photographer because I refused to wear a bikini for a shoot, this is not to say I have anything against those who do it but for me as a worship minister and a Sunday School Teacher then , l know people looked up to me and needed to live what I preached. So I decided to be my own model , l would go to fotostore take pictures of myself dressed how I’m comfortable with and use those pics for absolutely nothing . Pictures boasted my self confidence.  I just loved being infront of the camera and I guess the camera loved me too. So that went on for a while till I started taking pictures with my phone in 2014. The phone pics caught people’s attention and I got my first wedding booking from Norway through that so I had to quickly get a professional camera and learn my way around it quickly because I did not want to disappoint the client who soo much believed in me.

Nelia :  You sure have not disappointed any of your clients by God’s grace. On that note, what drives your purpose as a young Christian woman? 

KP : God! To live each second knowing that He’s got it all worked out is just fulfilling and awesome.

Nelia : In your opinion, what is the purpose for which the woman was created?

KP : First God created the woman from Adam to be a help meet to him. That generally tells us that  as women we’ve been created to be help meets to our generation.   We’ve been created to impact our world and anyone that comes around us.

Nelia : Capturing moments with passion in deed.  How does it feel to work in an industry dominated predominantly by men and how have you achieved and maintained the height you have reached?

KP :In the industry I find myself women have to work extra hard to rub shoulders with men. In Africa or Ghana to be specific for a woman to earn respect or to be recognised in her field of work, life or passion she will have to prove herself and let her works speak for itself. It’s a challenge but Grace is Sufficient. 

Nelia : Your works have indeed spoken for you. But then, besides God, what or who else spurs you on? 

KP: My Mentor, Pastor, Coach, Spiritual Father and friend  is Rev.Tom Bright-Davies.It was through his counsel, Prayers, guidance and teachings that I’m here today. Since 2013 to date.

Nelia : Who will you describe as a phenomenal woman?

KP: A phenomenal woman is a woman who knows and understands her worth and has discovered her purpose and is living it not forgetting her creator and aligning herself with Him. A woman who even through her hurt and brokenness will wake up, dress up and show up giving everything she does her very best.

Nelia :  Wow! Wake up, dress up and show up! We sure can’t have enough of you. Any advise to the young woman out

KP: My Advice to Young women out there, please discover or let God reveal your purpose to you and live it only then can you impact your world. And to know your purpose, you have to know God, your knowledge of Him will reveal yourself and purpose to you. You can only see yourself clearly in Him not in any human. Love yourself enough to walk away from anything that’s not adding value to your life. Don’t just Exist, LIVE!

Nelia : Don’t just Exist, LIVE!  Thank you sooo much KP for these life filled words. I hope to model for you soon. Lol.

KP: Hahaha sure. Thank you too for having me.

You may follow her on the following social media accounts to get more of her amazing works. 
-Kafui Praise Photography on Facebook
-Kafui Praise Photography
Love, Nelia Gyemfi. 


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