Micaela Opoku -Mensah is a lovely young intelligent Christian Ghanaian lady based in the UK.  She studied Politics and International Relations, a field dominated predominantly by men at the Oxford Brookes University. She has  currently gained admission to the University of Edinburgh to read Msc Africa and International Development. She’s a strong Pan-Africanist, loves food like myself oh and she enjoys cooking the food though. I could write a whole month’s post on this phenomenal young enthusiastic lady but I will leave her to do the talking now.

Ladies (and the gentlemen who have found their way here) meet Micaela!
Me: Hiii Micaela. Hope you are good and your day has been splendid.
Mic: Hello Nelia. My day has been been good. A few grocery shopping here and there. Trust yours was good too.
Me: oh yes it was. So tell us dear, who is Micaela?
Mic: Wow! That’s a pretty good one. Well I’m still figuring myself out…I keep learning about me almost every step of the way but that notwithstanding Micaela is a strong independent black woman,  very friendly and the outgoing type but also shy at the same time.
Me: Outgoing and shy? How does that play out Miss independent?
Mic: Hahaha well yuh. I’m more like the conversation starter and I hate awkward silent moments so I will rather keep my calm than to start something awkward. 
Me: Okay. Cool. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Mic: Well I intend to go back to Australia  and to other countries, do a little more work with international NGO’S focusing on African and International Development and make documentaries about African Politics at some point in time when I’m back home.
Me: Very insightful. To you Micaela, what is the point of womanhood?
Mic: Hmmmph! Women are the main focal point of society.  I say this without intending any disrespect whatsoever. But there are so much that we do and can do and the beauty of it is that when we put our minds to it, it flourishes and blossoms like the daffodil flower in spring. 

Me: Like the daffodil flower. Having said that, women, and I will say African women are somewhat scared of success and pursing very big ambitions. We settle for the very obvious and this is a big issue because we underutilise our potentials to suit what society deems fit. Why do you think there’s this problem and how do we address it?
Mic: Nelia you’ve mentioned the very core of the problem already. SOCIETY. The main drawback is because of what society says we can and cannot do simply because of our gender. I agree, gender makes a lot of difference,  especially biologically,  but hey, it doesn’t in anyway downplay the abilities and capacities of the woman.  I mean it’s not breaking news that this world is regarded patriarchal. In my own personal experience reading Politics and International Relations, being one of the very few females to take up that course, had to endure a lot of distasteful and unpleasant remarks from male coursemates just because why will a woman want to be a Politician?                      If we will just have an open mind about what the woman can and cannot do, should and should not do, I think this world will be a better place for us all. Let’s be mindful of what we tell our girls, what we feed their minds with.
Me: Ever wished you were born a man?
Mic : Hahaha well yes. Sometimes what is expected of you as  woman just makes you go like oh my why am I a woman again? Lol but having said that I am proud I am a Woman, and a Phenomenal woman at that.
Me: Haha a phenomenal woman she says. Well then tell us, in your opinion who is a phenomenal woman?
Mic : oh that’s easy. Me. Lol just kidding.  A phenomenal woman, mmm there’s a lot in there, but she’s  a woman who knows who she is and is proud to be what she is no matter how meagre society makes it appear to be. The Phenomenal Woman is definitely extraordinary.  Doesn’t do what society will anticipate. 
Me: Finally Micaela,  if you had the opportunity to just change one perception about  being a woman, what would it be?
Mic: oh that the woman cannot be angry or mad or pissed. Any time a woman is frustrated or down or sad oh it’s that time of the month. Okay so how about the teenagers and adolescents who are not on thier periods yet? What makes them sad or angry? That perception and stereotype really bothers me. Anything could affect a woman’s mood. Not just her periods!
Me: hahahah that was a funny truth right there. Well thank you so much Micaela. We can’t wait to have more of you.
Mic: Thank you Nelia. I’m very pleased to have done this too.

I enjoyed every bit of this conversation and I learned a lot as well. I know you did too. Well guess what, Micaela and myself will be collaborating to bring you the very last part of #the power of Influence. I know it’s going to be great. I can’t wait. 
Well before I take leave of you finally this week, please do find time and read the article in the link below?. 

Wear your crown this week, like the Phenomenal Woman you are.
Love, Nelia.


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