If you search deep in the waters, you will find that pearl, that gold, that Ruby. If you search at the shore, you’ll pick up shells. Your purpose is hidden in the deep waters within you, fish for it; for out of you, oh woman, shall flow rivers of living water.
The end doesn’t always justify the means, but effort will always produce result. The effort can be likened to the “HOW” and the “result” likened to the “end”. The End of your purpose is the result that is manifested or the impact that is felt. Your purpose wasn’t given to you for you. It was given to you to make an impact, to make a change, to right certain wrongs, to be a trailblazer in certain areas.
Effort will always produce result. If you put in an “effortless effort”, same will be your result. Knowing and identifying your purpose is not complete until you have lived the purpose to the end of time.
Similarly, any delay caused in acting on your purpose will lead to a much more delayed results. The time to find that purpose, and to live it is now, not tomorrow. Ever asked yourself how much time you have left on this side of eternity? Did you get a definite answer? I guess not. In the same way, dragging your feet on your purpose and being lackadaisical about it has led to the death of many visions, purposes and ideas.

I’ll just mention three ways in which you will be able to ascertain your purpose.
1. You don’t disrespect yourself or compromise your values in order to live out your purpose.
2. Your purpose, at its inception, may not make much sense to everyone else except yourself and God.
3. Your purpose, makes you fulfilled as an individual.
Next week, we’ll discuss the Characteristics of your purpose.
I hope you enjoy the video??
Love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman

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