Who you are as an individual is fairly easy to discover than why you are who you are. Socialisation, family, religion, education and relationships aid us in discovering our identity. Howbeit, discovering your identity isn’t the end of the journey. Discovering why your identity is such and such is purpose. As a woman, have you ever asked why God made you a woman? And why God made you as an individual?
A purpose driven life is a fulfilled life. It is a life well lived. It is a life that has direction and focus. It is a joyous and happy life.
Everyone has a purpose, which is distinctive and exclusive to them. However, your purpose has some wheels on which it runs. In other words, your purpose is like a journey, you need certain things to be in place before you’re able to have a successful, stress-free, no frustration journey. I call these the quirks of purpose, or the peculiarity of purpose.

There are three quirks of Purpose, or three main wheels on which your journey of purpose runs.
The WHY is the core of the subject. The other two are equally relevant to your purpose but without the core of a subject matter, all others are in vain. Just as the engine is to the train, or the heart is to the body is the “Why” to your purpose.
Why are you in existence? I highly doubt it, that you’re on this side of eternity to just get educated, have friends and family, socialise, get a family, grow old and prepare for eternity. We have made that like a default settings for life. It’s even worse off for a woman. Your life as woman and your identity, in times past, was predetermined by your father or your husband. Yours was to be home, make babies and nurture them, cook, clean and take care of your husband. You weren’t allowed to even own property to talk of have a mind and life of your own. As a matter of fact, as a woman, you were even considered a property.
Anyway, so going back to the subject of discussion, your life has no default settings and even if it did, thus assuming without accepting, default settings can be changed to suit the user’s preference. You just purchased an iPhone × . Sophisticated as it is, it comes with a default ring tone, screen saver and others. Immediately you begin to use the phone, you download some trending songs, take some cute pictures and you this sophisticated phone that is perfect on every side, you still change your default settings. Why then do you not change the default settings in your life, that is if there is?
The Why is to know your purpose for existence. God didn’t breath his life and spirit into you for a show off. He didn’t do that to prove that he was the GIVER of life.
God has a greater purpose in creating us and saving us.
“He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace” (2 Timothy 1:9).
He had a purpose for every life he created and the purpose, like out thumbprint, may be similar or even identical, but it is still distinctive.
Majority of our life is spent bring so busy that we forget we were given this life for a purpose.
Actually, it silly to ask “What is the Purpose of my Life”. Your life, is the Purpose.
The HOW involves a complex Web of processes but once figured out, gives you an easy way out to the When!
The how involves the process of finding your purpose, realising it, acknowledging it and finally executing it.
The most difficult bit is process finding the purpose. Your purpose, like pearls in the ocean, are in deep waters within you, you will find it if only you search, and search intentionally not without focus.
“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out” (Proverbs 20:5).

A story is told of a fisherman who goes to sea at dawn to fish. He gets into his canoe, travels far into the deep of the waters because he knows that’s where the sardines and tuna are. He casts his net upon the deep of the waters, seeking to harvest sardines or tuna or even squids (I loooooooveeee squids: don’t judge me?????????). He gets the fihsh he set out to harvest but in the process, he harvests keta school boys, shrimps, crabs. All these come as a bonus. However, if he had cast his net right at the shore, he would have only crabs, shrimps and keta school boys. I am not in anyway undermining these sea creatures. If you get your shrimps with some hot Kenkey on Friday morning you may even forget your name or even crabs in okro stew with banku. Howbeit, that wasn’t what he was looking for.

Moral? If you search deep in the waters, you will find that pearl, that gold, that Ruby. If you search at the shore, you’ll pick up shells. Your purpose is hidden in the deep waters within you, fish for it; for out of you, oh woman, shall flow rivers of living water.


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