So it’s the night before her 1st birthday party. Her mum, myself and her other aunt( oh and by her other aunt I mean my own very sensational sister Adepa) soo excited and thankful to God for this bundle of joy. Lots of errands to run that evening, picking up cakes, party favours, chairs and party decor. Finally got back home, still with a lot of work to do, we had to prepare our little cupid Ashley for bed. I made her milk while her mum bathed her and changed her into this lovely sleepwear.  I couldn’t help but take pictures of her cute self. Bored as I was one day, going through all the pictures that I had hoarded like most of us like to do, I chanced upon this one again. 
I was like wait what? Be your selfie? Oh my did that inscription just inspire me to write something.  And whoever put that there probably thought oh it’s just a kids sleepwear so anything cute goes so you have a pretty little kitten in there with her phone who says ” BE YOUR SELFIE” 
Selfies have become a trend in our everyday lives. I mean it’s made taking pictures of yourself easier. Instead of going the traditional and outdated way of turning the back of the phone, where you have the camera to take just a snap of yourself. Even that required a special kind of skill and technique which some of us never mastered. You take the picture and it’s half your face, or just your upper lip or worse off,  just your nose. 
All credit to technology, the picture taking life has been made easier. Phones are made with the front camera with no hustle and bustle of turning your phone to take a snap of yourself. But then again, even with the advent of “selfie” taking, do we really accept what we see? We use filters here and there… to get that effect and look we want. Don’t get me wrong, I love to edit pictures myself.  When the awesome @KP edits a picture, oh lala you will want to live in that moment. But then it ends there!! 
The sad , honest, and truth pill that has to be gulped down our throat is that we attempt to relive the facade of that technology of editing pictures and adding filters to our real lives!!  
It doesn’t work like that, not ever. Be your selfie. Be that person you see when you take the first shot of that picture without any embellishments( there are times when those “Embellishments” are useful to real life…fingers crossed for next post). 

As human as we are, we are tempted to compare ourselves to this or that person. We look in the mirror and expect to see the image of another person. We get that test results and we hoped that our index number would change to be that of the smartest person in the course. We even sometimes wished, in the deepest of our hearts, that our parents weren’t ours. (Correct me if am wrong).
We are busy giraffing and snooping on other persons’ lives, we relegate to the almost inaccessible part of our minds, the fact that life presents each and everyone of us a different test paper. Worse off, we live a lie. 
 Answer your  test paper, of course with the aid of God. 
There’s no such thing as past questions in life! Even WAEC, in their own wisdom, seldom repeats questions with the exact same facts. There’s always a twist, an addition or a deduction. 
BE YOUR SELFIE MY DEAR LADY! The world looses something the moment you decide to giraffe…or live a lie… your uniqueness is adulterated and worse of, the world looses..but you loose you first; which is unbargainable. God made you in only one image…His. You want to find yourself? Go to Him. He made you fearfully, so that you can confront the purtable situations of life. He made you wonderfully, for you to bring something valuable and exclusive to you to the table of humanity.

In the subsequent weeks ahead of us till the end of 2016; I ask a favour of us all, be the ‘realest you’ you can be. Forget people, turn deaf ears to talk, and ignore the looks…the world will surely be a better place if everyone will quit pretending, giraffing or living a lie….
To be continued…..??

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