In the previous post on the ” be your self” series, we made mention of the fact that there are two kinds of people who are somewhat content with themselves. 
We said there were the black and white copies who are very  appreciative of who there were but at the same time were mediocre in their thinking or way of life. They wouldn’t strive to be the very best of themselves yet they get envious of those who vow to make the best of their situation. 
The second kind of persons were the coloured copy. The one who accepts who he or she is, but doesn’t settle for mediocrity nor anything less. These are the kind of persons we want to be. And in today’s post, we shall discuss how we can be the coloured versions of ourselves. Right before then, let’s talk a tiny winny bit about the PARABLE OF THE TALENTS.

I’m pretty sure we all are familiar with this story from our Sunday School days. However, let’s discuss it’s relevance and bearing on the topic. The ones who had 5 and 2 talents each made an extra 5 and 2 talents out of it. They harnessed what had been given to them to produce more such that even if the master came and said give me back what I gave unto you, they will still have some extra left to work with. But the one who had one, did nothing. In fact, he did worse. He hid it. At least he should have spent it or something. He buried it. This means not only did he not make the most of the talent given, he made what he had dormant.
That is our whole discussion personified. 

Now how can you be the coloured versions of ourselves? 

  • Right from the parable above, you must harness what is within you. A lot of times, people say they do not know what their talents or unique selling points are.  But there are also a whole lot of people who know what it is, but like the servant with one talent, they give excuses as to why they can’t. 
  • Identify your weakness. Accept them and be sure they do not come in your way of being your coloured self.
  • Take responsibility for your actions, inactions and mistakes. Be apologetic when you know you are wrong not defensive. Do not look for people to blame for what went wrong in your life. 

  • Do not be scared to take initiatives, risks and push yourself to do more. Focus on what you love to do and you will still be outstanding even if there are a whole lot of persons doing the same thing. I always use @kafuipraise photography as a case study here. There will always be distractions and obstructions, but like Paul, fix your eyes on the prize and run that you may obtain.

Yours truly, 
Nelia Gyemfi…xxx


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