Soo two weeks ago we came to a consensus, and an understanding, that we cannot add all those pretty, sensational and breathtaking filters and edits to our real life. That is a fantasy and that would be to also live a lie. I made mention of a part where sometimes in life, these embellishments are necessary additives on our way to becoming who we truly are. Yes but here’s the thing, the filters, edits and effects ( I prefer to call them embellishments ) can only and will only be evident on the outside of ourselves when and only when they are imbibed in our inner man. 
Okay let me break it down. Do we all remember the grade school ICT slang GIGO? Garbage In Garbage Out!! You feed the computer rubbish raw data, you get no less as a processed information. 
Oh la la! Micaela said “Distinctiveness as an individual is what makes you great”.  But guess what sweethearts, distinctiveness is a default setting accessible to all; which will on the contrary, not be activated if we decide not to harness it and put it to a commendable use. 
I’m pretty sure it’s very well understood by us all that we were;

  • Each created in the image of God, and He’s the only person to look to if you want to find yourself.
  • Regardless of the fact that we were all, created in the image and likeness of God, we are individually distinct and unique from one another.

However, there are some mechanisms and protocols of life that make us better ourselves as we are. Remember we said not to be the photocopy of another person, but rather to be the original, unadulterated, unique copy of you. And in doing that, you can decide to either be the “black and white copy or the coloured copy”.
Now, the black and white copy kind of people are those that:

  • Accept who they are, obviously with no struggle at all.
  • They are also the kind of persons who in accepting who they really are, do not do much about their situations, in short, they do not seek to better themselves in any way.
  • They are almost always content with mediocrity. 


But this is not the kind of copies we seek to be. We seek to be the most colourful, most productive, most attractive, and the best copy of ourselves. The coloured copy kind of persons also;

  • Accept who they are, with no struggle as well, but here’s the difference, they seek to be the best kind of them. They know that I can either be a black and white me or a coloured me; and they choose the latter.
  • In accepting that they want to be the coloured version of themselves, do not sit idle, looking pretty all day and night, in season and out of season.They put effort in themselves, they strive to be who they want to be. They build themselves up in every kind of way possible. ( Now this is where the black and white copy people get worried, jealous and envious. But I went to the same high school with her, why was she well composed than I? Or I have the same qualifications as her, why was she accepted at the interview not I?  Sister, because she did some more work to be the coloured copy. Nothing prevents you from doing same.) 
  • This kind of persons have nothing in common with mediocre perceptions or ways of doing things.


Which one would you rather be, it’s your cup of tea served to you, whether you drink it hot, or cold, or better still whether you spill it or decide to drink it and savor every moment, still entirely up to you. 
But I would rather you decide today, to not just be the you and accept how things are. Be the you that strives for the greater and better part of you. 
As a teenager, some few years back, I read an article; probably a myth about how the human mind has a very great capacity, such that even the very renowned scientists and academia used very very very minute part of their mind and brain. As a young girl, I asked myself, what then am I using this for? If the human brain is that powerful, then I can’t even fathom and imagine what I can do and become. I bet you some teenagers my age, were also privy to this information, but probably just said really so Albert Einstein used just about 11% of his brain? Oh it’s a lie.
But even if it is a lie and a well known founded myth that humans do not use up to 20% of their brain in their entire lifetime, I suppose it’s just for humans to acknowledge that whatever they put their minds and efforts to, can be greatly achieved because you haven’t harnessed a greater portion of your brain. 

A wise friend once told me in a conversation we were having about fulfilling purpose and living a life of vision, and he said ” Nelia, some people die full, few others die half empty, and very little die empty and I will not leave this side of eternity until am empty”. I was lost in thoughts. I pretended to have made some sense out of what he said. But then I eventually asked, what do you mean? He said ” those who die full are those that fulfilled nothing with regards to their purpose. Everything God gave them is buried with them. Those who die half-empty did some work with regards to purpose and it’s fulfillment. Those that die empty, leave everything here, having attained the fulfillment of their purpose and vision”.

As Samuella rightly puts it, we have a choice. Always and always. On that note, in our next post on this series, we shall discuss how we can be the coloured versions of us.
Catch you all next week as we continue this talk… 
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