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Forgiveness of self 2

YUHP YOU MADE A MISTAKE,  WHAT NEXT? You don’t have to live long, say be 40 years and over in order to start making mistakes. They are a part of your life journey. Some of us our mistakes were the schools we chose to attend, for others it was that job you’re stuck in, for […]

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Forgiveness of Self

Forgiveness of Self It was her first meaningful love after high-school. Basically her freshman year. You know that kind of love which engulfs your whole being, you plan your entire future with them in perspective. That kind that makes you feel like this is your last stop, yes that’s the kind I’m talking about. You […]

Just Do It!

In my line of work with regards to women, one thing I have realised is that there is a missing link between ideas and execution. That missing link is risk. For us Christian women, it’s as if we are waiting for the rapture to happen where we will all be caught up mid-air with the […]

Hurt but not Held Back II

In our previous post on the topic “hurt but not held back”   we concluded that as Christian women, hurt, pain and rejection are inevitable however we have the ultimate power to determine how they make or unmake us. We further established that to deal with hurt,pain and rejection, we need to first of all accept […]

Motherhood should be a celebration of Joy,

Throughout this week, leading up to today, 12th of May 2019, which happens to also be Mothers’ day celebration, the Phenomenal Woman Network has celebrated mothers in a peculiar way by sharing certain fond memories,  lessons and Joys. Before I get to sharing these lovely messages from our Phenomenal Women to their Phenomenal Mothers,  I […]


REJECTION   Rejection; (n) the fear which rests on the desire for approval from other people As every mother would love their children to get into the best schools in the town so her child can also “have classmates”, my mother was no exception. My mum was and is still more passionate about my education […]