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Motherhood should be a celebration of Joy,

Throughout this week, leading up to today, 12th of May 2019, which happens to also be Mothers’ day celebration, the Phenomenal Woman Network has celebrated mothers in a peculiar way by sharing certain fond memories,  lessons and Joys. Before I get to sharing these lovely messages from our Phenomenal Women to their Phenomenal Mothers,  I […]


REJECTION   Rejection; (n) the fear which rests on the desire for approval from other people As every mother would love their children to get into the best schools in the town so her child can also “have classmates”, my mother was no exception. My mum was and is still more passionate about my education […]


Imagine being at loggerheads with someone who has no idea that they are being fought or that they are in a banter? Or better still imagine exchanging words with someone who just smiles at passes by? See how stupid it makes you look. You have given away the opportunity to be the bigger person. ANGER; […]


The world today has made it very difficult for women to deal with their emotions especially anger and so they tend to avoid it for fear of being called derogatory names,dismissed as being overly emotional or said to be on her period. What we’re missing however is that it’s actually right to be angry, whether […]


  In the territory of Garessa, at the other side of the lake of Galilee lived beautiful, depressed, broke and lonely Ruby. She was suffering from severe bleeding for twelve years. Every hospital in the town had her record because she was so desperate to get healed so she moved from clinic to clinic. The […]


  Every one Wins, but you, in the game of anger and resentment. On Friday, I read a piece from my friend and senior learned colleague Eunice Mensah on her blog (livelearnlove4va.blogspot) and she mentioned something that stuck out to me. She said “ I used to think I couldn’t control how I thought.. hear […]