dear Nelia,
Here’s a story of a young lady…who thought she needed power to make an impact in the world around her.
there lived a young girl…whose purpose and passion was to make an impact…a positive impact in the lives of the ladies on her campus. She waited till her third year…and her enthusiasm grew stronger as it was the semester to contest for the prestigious enviable position of the women’s commissioner! She took the bold courageous step as it was not an easy decision to make especially with regards to the tension which engulfed the elections that year.
Fast forward to vetting, campaigning and finally the election day.
She lost the election…and she thought to herself that was the end of her purpose and she could feel the life in her passion die out every passing second.
Nelia, that lady is you.
Now you need to understand
You do not need to be in power to be a leader!
You can still make that impact without being given a mandate…and that’s when people acknowledge the impact. 
Disappointments occur because there are positive possibilities in your life. Use the occasion to explore and express the best of those possibilities
Turn those disappointments into a possibility of fulfilling your purpose and birth the passion in you!  
                                Love, the inner you!


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