The dawn of 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months is breaking forth. What do we hear all around us; the new year new me challenge or whatever you would call it. People listing resolutions as long as the EC register. But is that really what new year is all about? Making ambiguous resolutions and unfulfilling promises to yourself. 
But it gets me thinking, and rather perturbed, new year new you? So every year you change? For the good or bad? So how many ‘yous’ does the world have to deal with as at 2017? 
The new year is the beginning of a new cycle of 365 days. It doesn’t mean your life stops and begins. It means your life continues, but on a different orbit, at a different speed; slower or faster you determine.  The new year is just a time for you to pause, think, restructure and continue your life. 
2015 was one terrible year for me. Reason being that, at the dawn of New Year, when everyone else was speaking into their own year, I stood there, with arms akimbo, and said to myself, ‘que cera cera’. WHAT WILL BE WILL BE!!. 
Long story short, that was my 2015. Chaos! ( Free advice; as a child of God and a beloved daughter of the Most High, never pronounce those words over any situation in your life. What will be cannot be, it must be what you want it to be and what God has orchestrated it to be ). 
Then came 2016. I say this to the Glory of God, that 2016 has been my best year by far. Not because I faced no challenges or obstacles or unpleasant situations, but basically because I restructured.  I didn’t say what will be will be. I spoke blessings ahead of me. I took charge as the driver of my year even as a daughter of the Most High. 
What am I saying? You may write all the resolutions in this world, (something I have done previously), you may actually begin to see some of them come to pass, yes. But then after this year is over what next? You religate those resolutions somewhere to the back?  You don’t care what becomes of them? Do you even sit down, alone with your thoughts and a chilled glass of pineapple juice to evaluate how those resolutions made you the better person you hoped to be? (And that would even be so if you were able to follow those resolutions religiously ). 
I am not anti-resolution, but if there’s anything 2016 taught me, it was to build principles and standards for life. Not just for a number of days, or weeks or even months. 
Build upon your year by year resolutions. Make them a part of the you you hope to be. Let them be your hallmark through your life time, not for just 52 weeks or even less. Resolute to knowing God more this year, don’t drop it down come 2018 and set a whole different list for yourself. Build on the foundations you have laid down in the previous years. Do not demolish those foundations to build new ones every year. When shall you finish your building if you should continue in that regard?
At the dawn of every year, you may add to your list of principles and self acclaimed standards,rather than have a clean clear sheet of resolutions each year which is very likely not to be accomplished. 
I challenge you this year, do not just make some list for the next 12 months or so. That’s too short a period to measure the results your list produced. Rather, set principles for yourself, set standards so that in the next decade, you can tell your children that these are the principles and standards I have lived by, and this is how far I have come! ! 
Oh and lest I forget; make Christ the standard and reasons for those principles. 

Happy New Year Loves, 
Yours Truly, Nelia Gyemfi.


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