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On the 17th of January 2018
The Phenomenal Woman Blog and Network had their maiden edition of breakfast meetings.
The venue was the Paloma Hotel at Ring Road.
It was an amazing experience. We had five amazing speakers.
Nelia Gyemfi set the ball rolling by touching on the vision, mission and motto of Phenomenal Woman.
She made an endearing point on how needless it is for the woman to fight for the position of man or to be seen as equal when our position and purpose is far from that.

Next to speak was Mrs Jacqui Oyimer, who before the end of the meeting was tagged “Osofo Maame”.
She shared some life experiences and left us with the need to find our purpose in God by building a relationship with him, networking and drawing smart goals. She said to be “INTENTIONAL” with the things we do.

Then we made to do a reality check with an analogy of bananas versus chocolates thanks to Ms Josephine Ameyaw. She entreated us to live a life that would allow us to save comfortably. She said in her words “ if living within your means won’t allow you to save, live below your means and make the conscious effort to save”.
She touched on the importance and need of being financially independent and left us with so many tips.

Miranisa Wallace Ollenu pushed us to approach anything and everything we want to do with confidence . She said “Never be afraid to start a business, her personal motto for 2018 being multiple streams of income.
?All for the bougie life she said.

The Last but not least speaker was …..
Our afrocentric fashionista who gave us a fast schooling on what a style, design and trend is. She also gave some fashion tips, using articles from her clothing line.

Thanks to our Master of Ceremonies for the event Ms Genevieve Agbo, we came to an awareness of how in just that foursquare hall, great phenomenal women from different parts of Ghana had convened during a knowing me knowing you segment.

Contacts and bookings were placed amongst the women by the end of the meeting.
Amidst good food, laughter, learning , motivation and amazing women was the never forgettable presence of the Lord who made it possible.
Matt 18:20 For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them.

Love, Nelia.phenomenalwoman

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