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The story of Christmas is one that is told of a father, mother and the birth of their Son. Whatever your religious beliefs are, this yuletide period is one that we all look forward to. Moreso, especially for the Christian, the birth of JESUS CHRIST over 2000 years ago did indeed change the course and history of humanity for many great reasons.
This year, the PHENOMENAL WOMAN BLOG and NETWORK, recognising the importance of having a great memorable Christmas has embarked on a project dubbed: JINGLE AND MINGLE which would take place on the 26th of December 2017 at the City of Refuge Ministries.
The CITY OF REFUGE MINISTRY (Children’s Village) situated in the heart of Doryumu ~ Shai Hills, Ghana. This place stood out not only because of its symbolic name but also because of what they do. City of Refuge as the name suggests is a home away from terrible and horrifying situations of many children in the Volta Region. These are children whose parents have sold them out into child labour for various reasons with the most predominant one being poverty. The Home has its own basic education or school settlement that benefits not just the children in the Home but others in the community as well. The CITY OF REFUGE MINISTRY also provides some form of vocational training for mothers who are prone to giving out their children as a result of poverty. This training goes a long way to alleviate poverty and subsequently curb the menace of child labour particularly in the Volta Region. The home accommodates about 100 children aside the mothers at the vocational training section and the other children that come in from the community to attend school there.
These and many other reasons informed our decision to embark on this project. We have since started to raise funds for the event primarily through selling our branded phenomenal woman Tee’s and all profits realised goes directly into this project.
The project, JINGLE AND MINGLE as we have called it seeks to give the occupants of the City of Refuge village a lovely warm Christmas by throwing a party for them, interacting with them and ultimately donating goods and essentials.
Support us by

  • Purchasing a Phenomenal Woman Tee at 25GHC or more.
  • Freewill Donations.
  • Foodstuff and other essentials.
Be someone’s santaclause!!
Contact NELIA ON 0200590846 for further information and to support.

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