” The Gift of Influence is the invisible power that women overlook ” Michelle Mckinney Hammond.

Before we dig into this big bowl of what actually makes a woman influential in a positive way, let’s quickly gloss over the definition of “influence” in the previous posts.

It is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development , or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. Influence is the ability to shape people to your specification by making them to internalise your message, meditate over it and consequently practicalize it.

We also understood from Michelle’s book (The power of being a woman ) that influence is a heart thing. Oh and by the way I recommend that you save up some of the lip gloss money to purchase this book. It’s a must read for every Phenomenal Woman. 

The  very recent post on Influence threw more light on how the invisible power can be used to perpetuate evil agendas and the like. But we, on a journey to being phenomenal women need not go down that broad road which leads to destruction. On that note, Micaela and myself have collaborated to bring to you the saucy ingredients of the word ‘Influence ‘ most especially what it means to us women.
I – Industrious/Impactful. The Proverbs 31 woman is our model when it comes to being industrious as a woman to make an impact. An influential woman is not idle. She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands.  You cannot be idle and expect to fully harness your influencial potentials. Find something doing. Whatever it is . Just do not sit down looking and feeling pretty. There’s more to womanhood than feeling pretty.

N- Nurture.  At this point, we shall take a stroll back to the wombman effect.  The first significance of the womb being present in the woman is its ability to Nurture,care for and expand life. Physically and biologically, the womb is the home of the clot of blood that gradually develops into a human being.  On the other side as well, the womb provides structural support for other organs of the body in the female. This boils down to two things, first the woman’s ability to take care and manage whatever is given to her and placed under her custody.  Secondly, the help the woman has to offer. (For more insight please refer back to the post  back to the garden 2.)
F- Foresight/Fearlessness. Women have quite a strong intuition and instincts than men. To be a woman of Influence you should be proactive. Foresight and fearlessness should not depart from your bosom.  The ever glamorous and sensational Queen Esther did what she had to do for her people to survive in the land of Babylon when Haman intended evil for them. Esther with her intelligence and favour found in the sight of King Ahaseurus of Persia understood the times, and that even perhaps, she had attained royalty for this reason.  From the way Bible describes him, am tempted to believe that he was a feared King. But that did not deter Esther from doing what she had to do to save her people and she suceeded by the Grace. Do not be perturbed by the noisy chaos and what seems like an unrest. Mount up with courage and confidence in the fear of God and go for that thing!

L – leadership. Being a woman doesn’t in anyway bar you from being a leader. Deborah was a judge and she led her people into war. Our world have seen many great female leaders such as the Queen of England, Ellen Johnson Sir leaf, our very own Yaa Asantewaa and the likes. However, even as a woman leader, let it not escape you that you are a woman first before a leader. Do not loose yourself in the quest to become “relevant ” in society.
U- Unique. You are you and that is your greatest asset because you bring something to the table that no one else does. Be U (nique). Know what works best for you as a woman and as a person. Trying to be someone else just demeans your own abilities and we loose that spice you add to the food.
E-  Expressive. Know when to say what you have to say, how to say it and whom to say it to. Knowing what to say is smartness, but knowing whether to say it or not is wisdom. Be wise as a woman. 
N-Nobility.  Let your presence be characterised with an aura of respect, diligence, strength and dignity. Don’t be the “Oh she again kind of woman”. 
C – Complementary. The original non-negotiable unbargainable blueprint is for women to complement men , to be helpmeets and valuable additions to men.  Be supportive. Be the neck on which the head rests. Doesn’t make you a looser, or a slave but rather a source of strength and a backbone. Work your magic from behind the scenes. Not only in relationships or marriages but life in general. Do what you have to do as a member of God’s human creation, but know how to do it as a woman! 
E- Encourages/ Empowers. 
This quote from Linda Lattimore, founder of WGN GLOBAL FUND sums tells all there is to know about this last spice. And she says “If every woman on the planet agreed to assist just one other woman, a complete stranger, financially or educationally, there will be a radical shift in the roles and perception of women, both culturally and in the work place”.  I hate to say this but women we are own enemies first, before anyone else. For instance, the abominable and inhuman widowhood rites is executed by fellow women, who feel like well it was done to be or it will be done to me so I might as well carpe diem. No! Help a sister out. Support a sister. Remember you a helper and a support organ?

On this note, the series on #back2thegarden ends. I hope you have enjoyed every bit of this journey and have learned something new as well. There’s more to come…. 
Thank you Micaela Opoku-Mensah for helping put this piece together. I’m really grateful for your support even as a phenomenal sister. 
Now please pretty please do leave a comment, a question anything. Let’s get talking. 
Have a blessed week ?. 

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