February, the month that people look forward to earnestly. It’s also the month that people wished was out of the calendar, such that all we have is eleven months. Why ?
Because while others can’t wait to express their love to whoever they wish to express their love towards, others dread being left alone. People have made the most romantic plans ever, trying to fix whatever problems they have to fix between them and their partners or spouses to commemorate the month of hearts?. Others soak their pillows with tears just because there’s no one showing them what they want to feel.
But here’s the thing, February is a month of love, and that includes “self love”.  If you have a beloved to spend the month with, especially the 14th, hurray!!!
If you don’t,  don’t feel less of yourself.  Love yourself this month!! Let that be your goal. Watch all the couples go out and wish them well. But don’t feel less of yourself.
Here’s just to wish all my lovely awesome readers and followers a Love-filled month.
NB: There’s going to be a giveaway on the blog next week yaaaay!! Also I will be posting an interesting video of my friend and sweetheart Miranisa. She talks on how to spend vals day alone. 
Watch this space, it promises to be exciting and fun-filled. 
Yours truly, 


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