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Back To The Garden (IV) 

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Imagine that there were two poultry farmers living on the countyside, such that the radiance of the sun smiled on both farms at the same time because they shared a common boundary.
The purpose and ultimate goal of both farmers is to rear healthy birds to be able to realise thier profits and gains.  To achieve this, they must feed the birds with the appropriate poultry feed and nutrients.
Farmer A, in an unattainable effort to feed his birds, throws the feed sparingly into the feeding trough of these poor vulnerable creatures such that majority of the feed ends up on the dirty ground.  Besides which the birds, fearing for their dear lives and not knowing what is flying about in the air move away from the feeding trough when the farmer throws the feed into the air. As a result of the force the farmer uses, the birds have very little to eat because the feed that even ended up on the ground is beyond their reach as they have been confined. Therefore the nutrients and food they need to grow is “WASTED”.
Farmer B, with the same objective and focus of feeding his birds with the same feed Farmer A uses, carefully, calmly and patiently puts the feed into the feeding trough of hua birds and subsequently lures them to eat the feed.
Now which of these two farmers will at the end of the day produce healthy poultry that will sell very well on the market which will ultimately give the farmers what they set out to accomplish; positive results and profit?

Farmer A utilised the power of Authority. Authority in the sense that ” As a leader or the owner or the head, I have made available all you need to work with or to grow. Whether you are able to actually use what has been given to you to fulfill a purpose or a cause, I don’t care but at the same time I need results.”
Farmer B, does not only make available all that is needed to work with or grow, but takes time to ensure that what he has given is not repelled or rejected or underutilised. In effect, he ensures beyond every iota of doubt that his followers, in this instance the birds have eaten the feed, and he does this with the littlest detail of patience as he possibly can. In the end, he is involved in the results needed-INFLUENCE. 

*Influence*, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.  Influence is the ability to shape people to your specification by making them to internalise your message, meditate over it and consequently practicalize it.
*Authority*, the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. Authority is established by regulation, legislation or even societal beliefs and cultures.
A child may pursuade a father to make a certain decision(influence) but the ultimate decision lies within the bosom of the father (authority ).

When God created Adam, He gave him the authority over all creations even to the extent that he named every living creature and those names remained so…God  didn’t reappeal nor reject any name Adam gave. That was some level of authority available to Adam. For a creator to give you the honour of naming his handiwork. Its like Samsung asking Apple to name its gadgets and whatever they call it will be….Note that at this point the woman had not been created. But when God made the woman, in Genesis 3 v 16 He said”….and he shall RULE over you”…So instead of fighting men for the authority given to them, trying out every possible means to be equal with them and to be them, why will you not channel that same energy, enthusiasm and zeal into exploiting and harnessing the ability God gave you, the ability of Influence.

 1st Timothy 2:12-14.
But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

In Sunday school, many of us were made to believe in our naive innocent minds that Eve deceived Adam into eating the forbidden fruit. However that was an error planted in our minds. Adam was not deceived, he was influenced by Eve.
It was Adam God specifically told not to eat the fruit. Eve heard from Adam…which qualifies it as being a hearsay which I believe in our world today is inadmissible in court. Don’t get me wrong, am not saying because Eve heard it from Adam she actually has a defence , NO. She’s guilty as charged. (A piece of free time someone tells you that person said, verify the information given out yourself if you can).
But let’s be practical yeah…

Mummy is leaving home for work. At the time she’s leaving, her second daughter Ashley is still in bed so she tells her first daughter, Marie, I have left you some food in the microwave. Do not touch anything in the refrigerator.  Ashley finally gets out of bed and Marie tells her, mummy said she’s left us food in the microwave. And that we should under no circumstance eat anything from the refrigerator.
Sometime during lunch Ashley’s friend, Adele comes to visit and she says am starving. Anything to munch on? Ashely says oh there’s some food in the microwave and the refrigerator but Marie told me mummy said we should just eat the one in the microwave.
Adele tells Ashely, what if Marie is lieing because she wants to have the one in the refrigerator to herself.  Or maybe mummy doesn’t want you to eat it because that is a special meal she’s prepared and it’s tastier than the one in the microwave.

That was the situation Eve found herself in. I believe and this is my own personal opinion, that if Eve had actually heard the warning from God himself, she would have acknowledged it with a lot of weight than she did.. Mind you the serpent didn’t present Eve with any new facts. He just sweetened the matter by saying oh yes He God doesn’t want you to be like him that’s why He instructed your husband who passed it on to you.
Eve took a look at the tree again, this time with a twisted vision and perception and actually contemplates what the devil said…and it made sense to her that oh yes, it is so. She takes a tasty juicy bite of the fruit.  Now watch this…Eve doesn’t deceive Adam…Bible records that and she gave it to him…
Eve needed Adam to eat of the fruit, and she knew better than to go and deceive him into eating it because he was the bearer of the warning from God…the only thing she could do was to influence him by propably saying oh I actually just took a bite of it and boo (as she would have called him if it were to be today) the taste cannot be underrated!!!

Join me next week as we delve deeper and deeper into INFLUENCE, in the meantime  there’s  a surprise coming up mid-week and I bet you can’t wait if I gave you a tinny winny idea about it.
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