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Back To Eden – the blueprint of Womanhood.

By 5 June 201617 Comments

The Blueprint of Womanhood.
Once upon a time, over millions of years ago in the cool of the day, with butterflies fluttering, birds chirping melodies and the perfume of the lavender, daffodil and rose flower diffusing into the atmosphere,  God put Man to a deep sleep and formed his last creation out of the rib of Man.
Man woke up from his deep sleep and in an amazing excitement exclaimed this is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh! She shall be called
Wo-man(wombman : man with a womb).
for she came out of a man.
There is a reason God formed woman out of the rib of Man. Not from his foot to be belittled neither from his skull to be above him but his rib to be one with him, to complement him!
Now hold on, before you get all excited about being ‘one’. To be ‘one’ is not to be equal to something or someone. On the contrary to be one is to add value to something or someone by fostering unity and agreement.
God’s original non-negotiable unbargainable blueprint is for women to complement men, to be helpmeets, to be valuable additions to men.
Our generation is becoming too busy trying to establish a baseless argument that women were made to be like men. Women have felt devalued and powerless, causing them to embrace the modern day fallacy that they must operate by male standards in order to gain reputation in today’s world.
As result of this ‘identity crisis’ women are loosing their uniqueness. The today’s woman is any other person than herself, jeopardising the very reason for her existence as a result of personal abuse and underutilised potentials.
My darling lady, here is the good news, God is still God and He, like always provides a way out. It is therefore my pleasure to announce to you that all is not lost. Women have not lost their purpose in entirety, but in an attempt to tussle between being a woman and competing in what looks like a man’s world have lost the way towards it.
The real tragedy is that the transition back to being that soft fluffy gentle soul of a woman after leaving the seemingly ‘men’s world ‘ is a struggle many cannot overcome thereby loosing themselves!!
Next post: How do women fulfil the purpose for which they were made?
Thanks a million for reading. We are all building ourselves up to be that phenomenal woman in today’s world. Please do leave a comment and share the link with a fellow phenomenal woman.
Love Nelia


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