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Back To The Garden (V)

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Herodias paced up and down the hall way. She thought to herself, this John of  a Baptist guy must really have some guts to think that he can tell the King Herod not to marry me because I am his brother’s widow. What insolence! I will surely show him that monkeys play by sizes and his size is definitely not in this palace!  I’m sure she must have really been a good mathematician back then. She calculatively knew that when the King is inebriated, he did and said things he would ordinarily not do and say. And Bible says it was the King’s birthday and he threw a lavishly elegant glamorous feast for his soldiers, kinsmen and all the important men of Galilee…in simple and plain language, the feast was by invitation.  And the daughter of Herodias danced and it pleased the king…and he said to the probably teenage innocent girl, ask anything of me and I will give it to you….even up to half my Kingdom.  I am pursuaded to believe that, had her mother not intervened , she would have asked for a new closet or jewellery and accessories or the like. She had no business seeking the death of a man. But her mother saw an opportunity and  she wouldn’t let it pass her by silently. She, as the girl’s mother obviously knew what to tell her daughter to convince her to ask for the head of John the Baptist instead of that fine purple linen and gold accessories. She probably said  to her daughter,… ” mini me, you know mummy loves you and wants the very best for you right, you see that man John the Baptist,  he wants the King not to marry me again because it is a sin”.  But if that happens, we will be evicted from the palace so you see the reason we need his head? The little girl asked that of Herod, and even in his inebriated mood, he knew it was wrong but because he was King and had made an oath, the head of John the Baptist was on a silver platter at the end of the feast, and handed over to the daughter of Herodias. 
This is one kind of Influence that we as Phenomenal women must know, not to emulate it but to disassociate ourselves from it. The evil or bad influence. Had it not been for the evil counsel this woman gave her daughter who in turn asked of it from her step father, John the Baptist would have lived longer. Because Herodias knew that the King would not have granted that wish to her personally,  more so when he was sober, she patiently but desperately waited for an opportune time because she knew her time was running out. This can be related to why the serpent did not appear to Adam himself and say .. ” hey dude,you sure you don’t want to eat from that tree?” But instead it, found itself a channel to get to Adam, influence through Eve. In the same vein, Herod was influenced by Herodias but through her daughter.
And she took one last gracious and extensive look at herself in the mirror, with a smirk on her face, she said as for today Samson cannot resist telling me the truth about where his strength comes from. She cooked him errr lets say  a very sumptuous Ghanaian Jollof with Kelewle, some creamy rich salad and a quater-sized grilled chicken to go with it. She proceeded to chill the fresh wine she got from the wine press.  Set the table, put the candles in the appropriate places to create that atmosphere in the room. She sat gracefully at the table waiting for her prey of a beloved. Samson came in….ate and drunk and tired of Delilah nagging about him lying to her three times already about where his strength came from….(hold on…Let’s go back into that story a little ).  Okay so Samson and Delilah were an item as is common knowledge to us all who went to Sunday school. Delilah was a Philistine woman who had found favour in the sight of Samson. Samson was not to marry from the land of the Philistines but for some very funny reason he did. (Don’t ask me the reason, I don’t know : •) )…but well he did. And the Philistines,  knowing that their own had found favour in the sight of their enemy, decided “carpe diem” thus ceased the opportunity.  They promised to pay her if she was able to deliver Samson to them, but powerless. Now here’s what I don’t even understand about Samson,  here’s a woman whom you say you love but who has on three previous occasions attempted to deliver you up to your enemies and you still stay with her…but then here is the reason ;

Influence is a heart thing.
Michelle Mckinney Hammond in her book, the power of being a woman mentioned  “the gift of Influence is the invisible power that women overlook- the ability to affect the heart of a man in order to change his mind. The heart is the originator of all decisions”.
Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

 Michelle Mckinney Hammond stated also that “the influence of a woman can make or break a man”.
I wouldn’t limit it to just men. Generally, the power of Influence can make or break anything or anyone. However unfortunately, we all know that this power broke Samson….we all know how it ended for Samson.  Delilah had that ability to affect the heart of Samson such that he changed his mind and eventually told her his secret. As for Delilah, that was the last that was heard of her. Influence is a very delicate issue because it deals with the heart…. which subsequently passes the information on to the mind. But the heart must be ‘lured’ first. 
Now we hear people say  ” my heart is with that person but my mind is telling me otherwise”….and usually we tell them follow your heart…your mind will come to terms with it eventually. 
Why follow your heart?
This week I leave you with a question to ponder on. But please let’s get talking and lets learn from one another. Leave your comments below ?on the question “why follow your heart?”  
Love; Nelia. 

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