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Back To The Garden (II)

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How do women fulfil the purpose for which they were made.
God’s original non-negotiable unbargainable blueprint is for women to complement men, to be helpmeets and valuable additions to men” Nelia Gyemfi.

In my previous post, I submitted to you the reason why the woman was created was not to be equal with the man, but rather be a helpmeet and a valuable addition. Before a woman will be able to play this enviable yet very pivotal role, she must know what gifts or unique features she has as a woman. These gifts or unique features are like arrows and weapons in the hand of a soldier, with which they perform their functions as such. It is when the woman has come to the full knowledge and understanding of these gifts and unique features exclusive to womanhood that she can fulfil her God-given purpose!


The cardinals of the purpose of womanhood.

☆ the wombman(the multiplier effect ).
☆the diversity of womanhood.
☆the influence factor.
This post will dwell on the wombman or the multiplier effect. The remaining two cardinals will be published in subsequent posts.
The wombman  (the multiplier effect ).
Here we will be doing a little bit of scientific application and some algebra as well.
♡Now basically  womb + man = wombman or alternatively wombman-womb=man.
Women are simply men with a unique feature distinct to just them! Women are men with an icecream topping or an extra cheese on that pizza. That topping on the icecream or the extra cheese on the pizza gives it an added value and comes at an extra cost.
That topping or extra cheese is the womb! Yes the womb!
In the Garden of Eden Eve knew that God put something inside of her that man did not possess which made her. This thing was to allow her to incubate, nurture, care for and expand life.
Scientifically the womb is an organ in the body of a woman and other female mammals in which a baby is formed and it subsequently develops.
♡The first significance of the womb being present in the woman is its ability to Nurture… the womb has the ability to  incubate and protect what is as insignificant as a clot of blood till a human is formed out of it. This can be likened to the viable soil, in which when a seed is planted germinates to be a mighty tree. The womb has the super power to multiply and make great the little that is given to it…which is automatically imbibed in the woman.
“Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperms, she will give you a baby, if you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal, if you give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges whatever is given to her” William Golding .

♡ The womb provides structural integrity and support to other organs of the body. Can we relate support, complement and being helpmeets?    ofcourse we can! The womb being a leaning shoulder to other organs of the body only goes to reiterate the undeniable fact that women were born helpers.

The difference between man and woman was purposely intended and intentionally fashioned for the completion of each other and not for unnecessary competition and chaos. Difference does not mean one is inferior to the other…it simply means we have different roles to play and different gifts and abilities to enable us play those roles both individually and collectively. ”
Next post: the diversity of womanhood.
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