I don’t doubt that should I ask a 5 year old girl at my church to mention any name of an evil woman in the bible, she’ll mention Eve.
The story of Eve is one that has been misunderstood and misrepresented in the word and knowledge of Christ.  Eve is regarded, most of the time as the devil’s accomplice in perpetuating the evil that occasioned in the garden of Eden. 
We have more often than not, assessed this story from the negative point of view. We make our young girls to believe certain misconceptions about femininity, and Eve has been used to fit these misconceptions,(poor her). Among them are;
Women do not accept responsibility for their actions.
Women have an innate feminine guile, which they use at the least opportune time.
Women are talkatives. 
Women are deceptive. 
Enough with the backlash and finger pointing at Eve. Yes it’s enough. It is time for us to sit down and pick up a few great lessons from her.
Eve is a name that derives it’s meaning from Hebrew origin and it means “life”. It comes as no surprise that it is the woman’s body that supports another life and eventually brings it to this world. Now let’s move to the positive lessons we can pick up from the mother of life.
The power of influence. 
Eve never deceived Adam. I have discussed this already my post #the power of influence. Eve knew better than to deceive Adam. Okay let’s make it a bit more understandable. To deceive a person is to lie to them or tell them a half truth to get them to act on what you said. Eve didn’t lie to Adam nor tell him half truth. Bible says “and she took some of the fruit and ate it and GAVE some to her husband, and he also ate”. As simple as that. She would have deceived him if upon having that discussion with the serpent, she said I will let him eat it first. So she goes to him and says my honey boo, I just ate some of this fruit and it’s really succulent meanwhile she hadn’t eaten it. That would have been deceit. She simply used the feminine prowess of influence which is a gift given to all women but we are busily trading it for what is not ours, AUTHORITY. I have mentioned already that influence is a heart thing and authority has to do with the head or mind. It is not for nothing that the bible says guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life. Be a woman of influence. ( for more insight on the power of influence switch the post # the power of influence).
Be creative.
“…and realised they were naked so they SEWED fig leaves together to cover themselves”. After the deed had been done, they both had a choice to feel sorry for themselves and their nakedness and stare at each other with disgust. But no they didn’t. Having no idea at all about what the situation was, they attempted to make it better. 
They made an effort, they took a step right before God intervened and made clothes for them out of animal skin. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying take the step before you involve God, but some people are just extreme  pessimist. They would sit down, hands akimbo and pray OH FATHER YOU SAID I’M BLESSED AMEN. They go to church, sit in the front row, shout the loudest amen to a declaration for an overtaking grace. If you did not know, and you had not been told by anyone, kindly note this down somewhere, prophecies do not fulfill themselves.  You have to work it into its manifestation. Even God himself, with all the prophecies about the messiah coming in the old testament, had to work it into its manifestation. 
Don’t sit down and stare at that situation, complaining from morning till night fall to daybreak again will solve nothing. Get up, take that step, regardless of how dark and slippery the road is. Make that move, ignoring all the impossibilities and God, in his faithfulness, will meet you and sew for you, your cloth.
Thank you for reading. 
Yours truly, 

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