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Janette…ikz – 31 to be Exact | 31 Status Spoken Word”

Dear Phenomenal Woman,
So today I decided to share with you all a video I watched over 2 years ago but it still ministers to me in an amazingly awesome way each time I watch it. I’ve never grown weary of watching it and I have no iota of doubt that it would be a blessing to you more than it has been to me.
Just click on the link below and it will be redirected to the video. I hope u do enjoy and please share with me what you learn from this piece by way of commenting.
Love, Nelia.

👇click here!

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    • Nelia Gyemfi
      Nelia Gyemfi says:

      Thanks chidi. About how good she’s looking 2 things come to play…
      ♡…she’s put as much effort she put into looking this good into her inner self. The beauty and attractiveness flows from within once she works tirelessly on the inner her.
      So basically what we see on the outside is as a result of the work done within.
      ♡inas much we preaching ‘inner beauty’we still encourage people to look their very best…and not look anyhow all in the name of working on the ‘inner me’.


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