How to Enjoy Valentines Day Alone


Happy Vals day in advance

I love love love you all


Nelia Gyemfi.

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  1. Esinam Awunyo
    Esinam Awunyo says:

    It’s going to be one hell of a boring day 🙄
    In the morning, I’ll prepare breakfast as usual for my dad who is vegetarian, then go through my workout routine. I’ll fix myself some breakfast after a cool shower then hit my books😫😫
    In the afternoon I will take a nap for an hour and half then start preparing the evening meal since i have a class at 5:30pm.
    I am thinking of treating myself to a movie at the mall on Tuesday before my class but haven’t settled on that yet.
    So, my day ends in a Company law class at Mataheko, thanks to my dream of aspiring to be a lawyer in the near future😃


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