The world today has made it very difficult for women to deal with their emotions especially anger and so they tend to avoid it for fear of being called derogatory names,dismissed as being overly emotional or said to be on her period. What we’re missing however is that it’s actually right to be angry, whether man or woman, Christian or pagan; but how we deal with our anger and respond to it is what matters.
Some common causes of anger include:
Jealousy; anger caused by jealousy was one of the first negative emotions mentioned in the Bible. Cain killed his brother Abel because he was jealous to the point of being angry. Another instance of anger caused by jealousy is the story of Jezebel. This anger turned into wrath and wrath is undeniably one of the most deadly sins because it paves way for so many kinds of sins such as murder. We can therefore safely conclude that anger caused by jealousy may result in murder.
Abuse of one’s rights; verbal,physical, sexual, emotional or mental abuse almost always leads to anger. If ignored and not dealt with,.the abused eventually becomes very bitter and helpless. It causes hatred and avoidance.

According to Kimberly Taylor, anger usually occurs when you feel your rights have been violated, your expectations have not been met or you’re outraged about an injustice.
As stated earlier, its okay to be angry, but anger when unacknowledged and unaddressed grows into hatred against oneself, others and even God.

There are several unhealthy ways to deal with our anger. One of them is by turning a cold shoulder. When we get offended by someone, we openly say we’ve forgiven the person but in actual fact we haven’t. We act coldly towards the indivual or show no warmth or emotion in dealing with them. There’s the avoidance of close meaningful relationships since we’re scared of being hurt. Instead of working through the problem and maintain good friendships, you choose to live a lonely,isolated life.

Others prefer the silent treatment. They claim to bear no grudges against you but they also refuse to talk to you. They only communicate when it’s absolutely necessary usually with a grunt or a nod.

How then can we deal with our anger?

As mentioned the Christian woman can get angry. Being angry is not voluntary, staying angry is a choice.  Getting to the root of the anger is one sure way of dealing with it. Honestly assess what is making you angry and see of there’s a cause for it. If you can’t find a reason for your anger, submit your feelings to God in prayer. However if the cause of your anger has been identified. eg.if your rights have been violated,vbe assertive with the other person and go on to set boundaries. Turn your anger and the people causing it over to God and let Him deal with it for vengeance is His!Overcome anger by praying for those who hurt and abuse you. Forgive them and be a blessing to them
Hanging on to anger and harbouring grudges is foolish. Ecclesiastes 7:9. It also has adverse effects on our physical and mental health. It diminishes pur capacity for gratitude and joy and also creates huge divides in our relationship with each other and God. When you begin to get angry, its a perfect time to exercise the fruit of the spirit;self control. You may have a good reason to get angry but don’t use it as an excuse to stay that way.

If you want the great and mighty things God has for you, you must get to the root of anger and deal with it. Joyce Meyers.


Written by Miss Pesiba Bansah; Team Member




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