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Pull- Thread Feminism; My new reality, The Future I want

Look up the definition of “Feminism” in the dictionary and you’ll find one or more of these definitions. Feminism is:
A. The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes
B. The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
C. The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities
D. The doctrine of advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

Feminism at its core is about equality of men and women, not “sameness.” A lot are those who argue that women are not the “same” as men so therefore equality is a myth. The heart of the misunderstanding seems to be a misconception of what the word equality means. Many are guilty for using equality and sameness as synonyms. The two words have been used interchangeably.

Sameness presupposes that there exists no differences between men and women. Equality on the other hand acknowledges the difference between sexes, but does not support the biological differentiation as a basis for subjection or subjugation.

It’s critical to understand that “same” does not mean “equal.” The issue here is about equal rights and equal access to opportunities. Men and women don’t have to be the “same” to have the right to equality.

I tend to agree with Kathy Capricon in her article “What Is Feminism,And Why Many Women And Men Hate It?” From her analysis from data compiled from around the world on gender equality including news and engagement on social media activity, the following was and is abundantly clear – there is a tremendous dissent and vehement disagreement today among people around the world about the status and importance of equality. It can be seen and noted as :
• There are millions of people who both inwardly and outwardly do not support the idea that there should be equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women
• There are also thousands of people who believe we’re not at all there yet, and support continuing efforts to pave the way for equal rights for men and women.
• There are thousands who believe in equal rights but find “feminism” a word and a movement that doesn’t align with their personal beliefs or values
• Finally, both conscious and unconscious gender bias is rampant within us, but most of us aren’t aware of it. ( Or even admit that it is a problem that has to be tackled)
Analyisng Why so many hate the term feminism and the feminist movement, here are some feedbacks:
• Feminism has been associated with strong, forceful and angry women, and our society continues to punish forceful women. (So much recent data and research has proved this).
• Many people fear that feminism will mean that men will eventually lose out – of power, influence, impact, authority, and control, and economic opportunities.
• Many people believe that feminists want to control the world and put men down.
• Many people fear that feminism will overturn time-honored traditions, religious beliefs and established gender roles, and that feels scary and wrong.
• Many people fear that feminism will bring about negative shifts in relationships, marriage, society, culture, power and authority dynamics, and in business, job and economic opportunities if and when women are on an equal footing with men.
These actions and attitudes, ideas and resentments can so well be seen in Ghana when the issue of Feminism is brought up or someone boldly claims the feminist tag.

So, what would be helpful in this dialogue, or in this situation we find ourselves in today where there is a great divide among men and women, and among the people of our country who see things dramatically differently from each other?

Pull-Thread feminism

Recently I went for a two days seminar organized by The Fabulous Woman network in collaboration with the US Embassy in Ghana where Dr. Avis A. Jones-Deweever, PHD in the course of her lecture mentioned Pull Thread Mentorship. Simply put, this is a form of strategy where by instead on finding mentors or people to help you by pushing you up to succeed, you rather find the pacesetters, those already in the field you want to enter and have chalked considerable successes to tell, so they hold your hand and pull you along. It is like the ”rabbit “ in a Barton race. The one with the most speed begins the race to set the pace and tone of the race.

Just then the scales fell off eyes. Right there in the room were over 70 young vibrant women who are managers, CEOs, wives, parents who were shining in their corners. Great women who all have a story to tell and can be a mentor to others coming.
Yes we have been speaking about Feminism…
Yes we have been empowering young girls to aspire to be great…
Yes we have been narrating the issues that makes women weak, that makes people know and understand women are not treated equally in many places …
Yes we have only concentrated on the Push Thread Feminism
What if, we will start seeing Feminism in a new light, and concentrate on making our girls and boys better?

What if we will start using what I call the “Pull Thread feminism” and start empowering our girls and boys by finding those who have already made it; great women and men to mentor the younger ones to be better.
For the girls to believe in themselves, to know and understand they are worthy enough to attain any height they dream off. That they are not the same as men but have equal rights. That nothing will be handed to them because they are women; they need to work hard to gain it.
For the men to understand they can be great Dads, brothers ,friends and colleagues as well as husbands and that even though they are not the same as women. They all have equal rights
I believe a lot will change.
Empowerment is not about inciting women against men neither should equality be at the neglect of any one, regardless of Gender.

My name is Maame Boakyewaa Kokuro (Naomi) and from today I promise to redirect my energy from Push Thread Feminism (Using all the force to try and get the change with women empowerment). I will adopt Pull Thread Feminism (Find others who have survived no matter what, to pull the young ones along).

Written by Maame Boakyewaa Kokuro
Odikro,EMB Ahenfie
Social Media Management Advisor
Sales and Marketing Advisor
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