Motherhood should be a celebration of Joy,

Throughout this week, leading up to today, 12th of May 2019, which happens to also be Mothers’ day celebration, the Phenomenal Woman Network has celebrated mothers in a peculiar way by sharing certain fond memories,  lessons and Joys.

Before I get to sharing these lovely messages from our Phenomenal Women to their Phenomenal Mothers,  I have a simple message for us all…

Over the years, mothers’ day has been a day where instead of recalling the joys of motherhood,  we recount the pains of labour, the possibility of an irresponsible father, a financially unstable mother and a whole lot.

This freaks out some of us who are yet to bring forth new life into this world. Can we, myself included, pledge to celebrate the mother’s joy of birthing great potentials rather than remind them of all the odds that were against them?

Here are some highlights from what some Phenomenal ladies said about their mothers..

Francisca Sedinam: My mum is a mother for all,caring for us with great love and Patience.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Maame Sakyiwaa: My mother is a blessing☺
Nhyira: My mother is the biggest forgiver i know. But she’s also all kinds of crazy
Nelly: My mum is a walking miracle😊
Pesiba: My mum is everything you’ll want in a mum
 Phen. Lady: My mum is a kind hearted passionate virtuous sagalomious loving careing fabulous lavish heroine ever❤💯✌🏼
 Phen. Lady: My mum is the best of all mother’s and my mentor as well💋💋The one and only Mama D.👸🏻 is a woman and mother👩 of all mothers having all the positive attributes😊 of a mother😍. I love my mama💝
 Cornelia🌹🌼🌻🌷: My mum is Phenomenal ✨
Oye: My mum is a fighter, succeeding against all odds.
Maame Sakyiwaa: I just can’t describe her like the song that says, How can I describe, the love that’s indescribable


 Pesiba: I’ve learnt from my mum to depend on God no matter the situation
Cornelia🌹🌼🌻🌷: The one lesson I have learnt from my mother is to be patient, kind and above all know that God takes care of his own
Beatrice Forson: I have learnt from my mum to be prayerful,hardworking, be content, trust God in everything,PatienceAlso open my arms for people no matter who they areCare for people
Selassie: One greatest lesson I’ve learnt from my mum is humility.
 Efya Mauve: One thing I’ve learnt from my mum is Endurance in the Lord, Home management and living at peace with everyone!!

Francisca Sedinam: I have learnt from my mum to be prayerful, hardworking, respectful and also have Patience in everything I do.
Oye: Over the years,I have learnt from my mum that,hardworking pays and never give up,love everyone no matter what,and be genuine to people.

Blessing: My mum taught me that no matter the situation know that u hve a God who is always there with me to love everybody regardless their behaviours and characters and to be a hardworking lady not to depend on anyone for anything. My first love is my mum🥰🥰❤❤
Maame Sakyiwaa: My mum will tell me “Yaa Yaa, work hard, pray hard and He will lead you besides still waters, Nyame b3 hwe wo me ba”
I love her so much

Abrafi: The only way to make an impact is someone’s life, is to repay evil with good. Never get tired of doing good. 😊my Mum
Rebecca: What I have learnt from my mum is never to look down upon myself and that everyone is unique in their own way

Akyeampomaa: *”Let God be your first priority”* is the lesson my mum taught me.
Ziona: My mum has taught me what it is to be a fighter

Mhizz Efya: So my mum looked at me one day and said you are the last of my seed remember a wife’s greatest achievement in this life is drawing his husband and her kids closer to God, help them build a relationship with God, if as a lady you should be able to take care of the gifts the Lord has given you, apart from the fact that she always has a smile on, she taught me to be a lady of integrity and never let go of my relationship with God

Matilda: As for me I learnt from my mum to ask questions and to receive answers to the questions before you react don’t jump in to conclusion when you see something and in all things be patient let God direct your ways as to what to do how to do when to do and what will be the outcome . don’t do anything that will let someone lost his or her faith in God but always encourage some one and to know that all will be well no matter how long it takes it will still come so learn to be patient.
Agyapomaa: My mum taught me to be a woman of prayer🔥🔥 and a virtuous 💜and true lady….. and she’s is still teaching a lot more.❤❤❤❤#l _love my mum_❤❤❤

Phen. Lady: Yes💪🏻! Here’s the case I went off on 18th June 2018…Everyone thought i was dead. My sister rushed to call my mom in her shop and told what had happened to me. Mama D ran out of the shop to the room and realized I was gone😭 She did all that she could but it was never too late😊 she cried and prayed for me 🙏. On that faithful day, all that she had on her was a small amount which couldn’t even pay for a taxi fee to the hospital😭…She left her shop and asked my lil bro to carry me straight to the hospital…On that day, it rained heavily as compared to June 3rd. Mama D forgot the small money she had at home and had to go through the rain to get it for any hospital bill. She struggled through the rain which nearly took her away but she was successful by His grace🙏. She didn’t sleep that whole night. She left me and my younger bro at the hospital and went around looking for money  to cater for the bills😭cos she’s a single mother….After everything, I was back to life by His grace😇. We nearly got sunk by the heavy rain but mama held me and said because of you, I went through operation and I’ll never leave you alone my daughter😭💔

That day was the day everyone got to know how mama D’s love for her children can’t be described.
I love my mama💖

Sweety: My mum left me to my dad’s mum after giving birth to me…
My Granny is my Everything even though we fight a lot…

Without her there would be no me………

Cornelia🌹🌼🌻🌷: Some years back, way way back. I was in class 1. I used to walk to a classmates house, to board their car to school. I had to be at their house by 6: 40 else they would leave me.

One day, though I was early, when I got there, they had left me😢

My cousin who used to walk me there was walking back home with me because no money to take me to school. On our way home, my mother saw us walking. She alighted from the taxi. Called us, asked us what had happened. When we told her, she stood by roadside, begging other parents who were going to drop their children at the same school. Fortunately after some few minutes, I got a lift to school.

Little did I know that my mum had used all the money she had on her to board the taxi to work. This woman walked to work that day😭😭😭😭 because I missed the car that takes me to school… and I’m not talking short distance walking oo…. the distance would be like from Accra mall to Adenta😭😭😭

I always say I am first because of God, secondly because of Maa Docia!

 Maame Sakyiwaa: It’s alot but one thing my mum did that I will never forget is when I gained admission to central university and there was no money. My mum sold her car and other things just to pay my first year fees……
And she kept doing that till I completed……

She will say, if I have to sell my clothes so u can finish Nursing school,I will…

Am a graduate nurse today and all thanks to Afia Asantewaa❤



from all of us here at the
Phenomenal Woman Network 
We wish all Mothers a joyous celebration
Of their life!

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