Just Do It!

In my line of work with regards to women, one thing I have realised is that there is a missing link between ideas and execution. That missing link is risk.

For us Christian women, it’s as if we are waiting for the rapture to happen where we will all be caught up mid-air with the saviour.

Living our lives in earnest expectation of our Saviour is key, however, we must not lose sight of our purpose here on earth. Yes indeed God created us to worship Him, first and foremost. However, God wants us to prosper. He said you will see the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living ( let me end here before I preach a sermon)😁😏

We have been conditioned to have it all figured out before we take any chance. Women have ideas worth more than we know or could ever imagine.

But before we set out on the boat, we always want to know where the ocean ends..How possible?

I love the story of Moana very much(A Disney animated movie). A teenage girl who set out to save her people without knowing how to mann a canoe, boat or ship. She placed herself in the position where she either had to learn to sail or sink.. and once you’ve gotten to the point where you have no option but to do it, you would just do it, and you’ll realise, that you were made for more.

You would never grow until you leave your comfort zone and the only way to leave your comfort zone is to be in an uncomfortable place which requires you to push more.. to pursue more…. relentlessly..

You can only learn how to cook by actually cooking, you can only learn how to drive by actually driving, you can only be a business woman by starting a business, you can only be a scholar by pursuing education, you can only be something by doing..

You just want to do something, but sometimes the public opinion and your own self doubt prevents you from taking the risk.

Actually sometimes people believe in you than you believe in yourself.. so sometimes it’s just you, your self doubt, and fear of failure. Perhaps your hindrance is the other person you see when you look into the mirror…

Life is a risk. What more can you lose? Your mere existence as a person is a risk. What more is there to lose by taking a few more risks to venture into other things. But you never know what more there is to gain of you do not take the risk..

You will not have it all figured out. In fact you cannot have it all figured out. Yes you ought to plan and be strategic, then sit back and watch everything play out. Then you can fix this, fix that… adjust this, take this out at the end of which you would now be able to achieve what you perceived.

Just as a foetus is formed one part at a time, so is it with life and everything it comes with. That is the reason for which children are named after they have been born not when the mother and father conceived.

That idea you have is just like a foetus. It’s totally okay if you’re not able to figure it all out yet. Just do it, one part at a time and see it all come together beautifully….

Just do it…


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