I met her about three years ago while I was interning at a law firm here in Accra.  She had just finished her WASSCE and was awaiting results. I wondered why she chose to be a legal intern at that point in time. It therefore came as no surprise that she was gainfully admitted into the country’s premier law faculty, University of Ghana Faculty of Law.  She blessed us soo much at the Phenomenal Woman Network launch with her new single #free and # when I found you.  Ladies and well gentlemen,  ABII KEREN….

PWN: Hello Abii,  Pleased to have you here. Well after the launch, people kept asking me who you were so I suppose it is only fair to ask you to tell us about yourself.

ABII KEREN: Thank you once again for having me. I’m 20 years old in body. I grew up in the North East Of England in a town called Billingham. I schooled there for 14years until we moved to Ghana where I continued High School in Wesley Girls’ then went on to study law in the University of Ghana, Legon currently in the fourth and final year .  It was there that I met my ministry, The Kings’ Union International and founded by Pastor Charisma E. Evangel. That is when I started taking God More seriously as well as my music.

PWN: How was growing up like for you?

ABII KEREN: I grew up in and area known as Billingham, Stockton- on- Tees, in the North East of England, United Kingdom. Growing up was fun and interesting because being a Ghanaian in an area which was so cosmopolitan exposed me to a lot of experiences.

PWN: What motivates you in life.

ABII KEREN: I’ve been blessed with a lot of things in my life so far but the greatest of All has been that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone must be able to say this and so whatever it takes to make this happen is what must be done.

PWN: Risk whatever it takes to have a relationship with God. How did your MUSIC MINISTRY begin ?

ABII KEREN: I’ve always loved music. Singing it and trying to write songs from a very young age. It was always a way to feel close to God and as I grew I improved. I realized that music had become my Hope, because in it is found Christ and so I want to give and show that hope to the world.

PWN: Hence your song, when I found you which talks about the life of hope, joy, truth and love we find in Jesus. I particularly also love the song “zoe”.   What sacrifices do you make to be able to successfully integrate law with music?

ABII KEREN: I wouldn’t call it sacrifice because that would mean I’m losing something but I haven’t. There have been times where I’ve spent time writing or at the studio when maybe I could have been elsewhere but then there are times where I’ve had to be in class when I have a burning idea. They’re both part of my life so I don’t see it as one or the other, I see it as there’s one side, then there’s another side- same coin though.

PWN: Right. More like an integration .With regards to short and long term goals, what do you anticipate with respect to career, music, and life in general.

ABII KEREN: Long term I would say it’s a matter of getting my music out there and widening my reach and that’s been happening little by little with the support of my ministry, label, friends and family. With career I’d want to go into company law but also try my hand at music management and the legalities behind that. However on the whole, I’d say my life is ministry and so where God leads me in it is where I shall go.

PWN: How would you define success?

ABII KEREN: I’d define success as surpassing all and every expectation in your life. It’s important to think big; if what you think and see is what you get, all you must see is excellence.

PWN: What does Abii Keren, Masterpiece mean as your name?

ABII KEREN: Keren means horn and it can be found in Job 42 as she was one of the daughters of Job after his trials. When you look deeper into this Hebrew word you also find that it stands for strength and light which ties in with the message of music as being a vessel of Hope for this world. In order to bring Hope you must give the people strength and be a light for them to see.
The name Masterpiece is usually how I tag my poetry and writings. It was simply an understanding I received and I’ve held onto ever since. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are actually God’s Masterpiece (NLT). The first time I read this I was marveled; as great and wonderful as God is, He has called me a Masterpiece, his best thing, the greatest creation he could ever come up with. To put it into perspective, just as Da Vinci was world renowned for his painting of the Mona Lisa, I am the best representative and best card of God! When I came to this realization I just knew that there was more to offer this world and everyone should have this understanding.

PWN: In your opinion, would you think young Christian woman are finding it difficult to identify and align themselves with the purpose of God for us?

ABII KEREN: Yes. There are so many pressures in this world for sure and with different movements which speak of how best to be a woman it can be very difficult to lose your way in this world. We live in a world where people think so highly of their own opinion and aren’t ready to listen to anyone else. We even have Christians doing this instead of seeking their understanding from God and so yes, it does make it easy to lose sight of purpose.

PWN: It is indeed easy to lose sight of your purpose as a Christian and as a woman. Grace Abounds. Any mentor?

ABII KEREN: My mentor is Pastor Charisma Eben Evangel. There are many women I look up to but this man has actually helped me understand what it means to be a woman. He has helped me see that in Jesus Christ, the focus isn’t the whether you’re a man or woman but whether you’re seeking God. Everything else, every other role as a woman Be it, daughter, wife, mother, helper is secondary to that and flows from being in Christ. Many people are very focused on roles, forgetting that they first came from God and I believe that if everyone came to this understanding, the world would be a better place.

PWN: Any hobbies aside making soul fulfilling music?

ABII KEREN: I enjoy reading, writing, playing guitar, piano and spending time with brethren.

PWN: ABII KEREN  Let’s say I am say a 10 year old girl who approaches you and ask for a definition of life. What would tell me?

ABII KEREN: Hahaha I can only imagine a 10 year old you 😃 . Life is all about finding your purpose and fulfilling it. To find your true purpose it’s best to establish a relationship with God because there are so many people in this world who can lead you astray but trusting in Jesus is the best option- you can never go wrong.

PWN:  If you were a book, what would be your title and why?

ABII KEREN: To Be A Masterpiece. As I explained, the Masterpiece is so important to understanding our identity in Christ. I believe that in this we can see the love of God, we understand the gift of Salvation from which everything hails from and when a person really understands who they are, they become unstoppable!

PWN:  If you were a colour, which one would you be and why?

ABII KEREN: Green. It’s my Favourite colour because it’s everywhere.

PWN: Now my favourite part of the interview. What does it mean to be a Phenomenal Woman for you?

ABII KEREN: To me, it means that you’re a woman causing waves on earth. A phenomenon is usually a strange or unusual happening that doesn’t come around often. That’s exactly who I am and that’s who every Phenomenal Woman is.

PWN: YASSSSSSSSSSS! I FEEL ALL SORTS OF PHENOMENAL RIGHT ABOUT NOW!! I AM UNCOMMON HAPPENING. Abii finally an advice to your fellow sisters out there.

ABII KEREN: The world can offer you so many thing yet it is but for a time. It will never truly satisfy you and will leave you hurting for more. Jesus Christ can fulfil all your wants and desires and when you want more of him it’s just because you want a deeper relationship- you can’t go wrong.

PWN: Thank you for such an inspiring one of a kind interview.  Continue to be blessing to us all. Below is a link to her new single, Free.

http://soundcloud.com/abiikeren/free-ft-cypaq I’m Free🎶 👼 Happy Streaming💯

Follow her on

Facebook: ABII KEREN

Instagram: abiimasterpiece

Twitter: abiikeren



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