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Forgiveness of Self

Forgiveness of Self

It was her first meaningful love after high-school. Basically her freshman year. You know that kind of love which engulfs your whole being, you plan your entire future with them in perspective. That kind that makes you feel like this is your last stop, yes that’s the kind I’m talking about.

You see, the one that they did almost everything together, especially as they were in the same church, so that meant long walks to choir rehearsals, prayer meetings, teaching services and oh not forgetting Sunday Mornings.

Everything seemed cool and blue until, all the love in air turned into stale air all at once…
Unable to explain the cause, the pain and even the way out, she swore to herself and said ” I would never forgive this person”.

Alot of church folk gave the whole it is well sermon, but she knew deep down they mocked her in her absence. Many were the people who turned counsellors overnight … Still adamant to forgive this dude..

Until one faithful morning, she woke up from a restless sleep, looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize the person she saw.
Not because her face had disfigured.
Neither was it because the mirror had a layer of dust settled on it…
Oh it wasnt because she didnt have her makeup on…

It was because she couldn’t recognise the bitter-hearted and angry person she had become. At that moment she was sad, sad that she had given someone so much power over her.. sad that she, she, she who was a delight to her own eyes, couldn’t stand to see the stranger she was gradually turning into, for her own self.

At that moment she burst in tears, in those tears, she let go. She murmured these words to herself “I forgive you” .

These words, such a simple phrase, begun the process of her healing…

In the next few weeks, we will talk about Forgiveness. But not the way we all know it…

We are going to learn Forgiveness for ourselves..

Sometimes, the liberation you seek from others can only be given by you, if you learn to forgive yourself.

Oh and sometimes, in forgiving others, we simultaneously forgive ourselves.




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