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A Woman vis – a – vis a Wife

THE WOMAN VIS-A-VIS THE WIFE BEING A WOMAN OF PURPOSE. “BONE OF MY BONE, FLESH OF MY FLESH HE EXCLAIMED! I SHALL CALL HER WOMAN”  Woman, was the last creation of God, not a wife. A wife is a woman who has been found by a man, and all necessary protocols observed. A woman, was […]


THE LIFE OF PURPOSE  The most important day in a lifetime is not when you passed out into this side of eternity (your birthday). Neither is it the day you find love, get a job, make the first million dollars. It is the day you find “PURPOSE”. It is almost impossible, to find your purpose […]


  MIRROR , REFLECTING MY WORTH  On the 17th of January 2018 The Phenomenal Woman Blog and Network had their maiden edition of breakfast meetings. The venue was the Paloma Hotel at Ring Road. It was an amazing experience. We had five amazing speakers. Nelia Gyemfi set the ball rolling by touching on the vision, […]


WOMAN, YOU’RE FAR ABOVE RUBIES. PROVERBS 31V 10. Our bible character Study for today has taken a different twist. Ordinarily, we would be discussing an actual woman that existed in the biblical days. Well today, we’re talking about a woman that was described, somewhat in abstract. The woman that God wants us all to be, […]


                                  THE QUIRKS OF YOUR PURPOSE…. Who you are as an individual is fairly easy to discover than why you are who you are. Socialisation, family, religion, education and relationships aid us in discovering our identity. Howbeit, discovering your […]


Nothing happens in a vacuum. There exists nothing without a cause, an objective is sought to be achieved at the end of the day. Purpose is what answers the question, “why is that in existence”. Have you asked yourself the Why question before. We are usually susceptible to asking the Who I am question and […]